Anti-depressantsA temporary crutch

Before I begin, I am not against anti-depressants. Any changes to medication should always be discussed with your medical professional.

Secondly, these were some semi-random thoughts I had while talking with a friend about such medication. It's only intended to share my thoughts.

A good article on the side-effects: Things Your Doctor Should Tell You About Antidepressants

Needing a crutch

When you break your leg, you get a cast, crutches and other help to heal. You even need those crutches, because you wouldn't be able to walk otherwise.

Over time, as your leg heals, you slowly do more and more without the crutches until the day finally comes you leave them behind once again.

Mental medication has a lot of similarities.

A crutch is okay

Having help with your mental fractures is incredibly important. Everyone needs others to grow and develop. Having medical professionals assist you in this process is very important. As is the help of friends, family and partners.

Using the means that they provide to recover from whatever damage that has been done is a good thing. And within that, medication has a place. Just like painkillers.

A crutch is temporary

It's totally fine to use things that support you. Like with leg injuries, almost all of the time they are not lasting solutions.

Depending on the crutch itself instead of the recovery to no longer need them can be dangerous. It's important to work towards regaining your own strength and stability so you won't easily fall over without them.

And it's totally okay to fall a few times before you get up again.