Dec 2009

Chapter 13Girlish

Seducing the girl to go further with me was a little trickier than I imagined. She was open-minded enough to kiss me, tongue and all, but once my curious fingers started wandering over her body, she hesitated. She didn't shy away completely, nor pushed me away, but was certainly a little taken aback by my forwardness. There was, however, an easy solution for that. Alcohol. Not exactly the most fun way to seduce, but this girl really needed a little bit of help with her bravura. It was something I usually avoided, or was at least very careful with, because too much alcohol, even a medium amount, removes a lot of the subtleties that make sex fun. And to make matters worse, she was a little too willing to drink as well.

Dare fuel.

A cheap simple mix was enough to feed her lust. Sipping my own drink slowly to allow the magic to work on her. She talked a lot, asking me questions about my life, my work, if I ever had done things like this before. Most of these I avoided without much effort, all part of the game. She told me about her life, her friends, the experimentation she'd already done. She'd actually gone down on a girl before, aided by copious amounts of alcohol, but I wasn't planning to get her that drunk. It was preferred that her movements, her tantalizing tongue, were fully under her control while she would be intimate with me, therefore caution with the amount of drinks. She actually got quite a bit of attention while we were talking, some random guys coming up to her to talk to her. According to her, the frequency of their visits had increased quite a lot since I had been flirting with her. Possibly they wished to be part of the girlish intimacies. She stayed close to me, though, and kissed me again once the light buzz of the drink was tingling in her tummy.


This time, when my fingers fumbled finely, caressing curiously creamy curves, her tongue did not withdraw from its deep dance with mine. Instead, it reinvigorated, her erotic excitement enkindled. The flame of lust burning on her soft lips, her white hair above her flushed skin surrounding her like a glow. Her eyes, open in between kisses, shimmering with sensuality. Once my teasing fingertips touched her nipples, the shivers down her spine woke a deep desire within her that made her mine for the night. There was no doubt, she wanted to finish this to the natural conclusion. Gasping for air my mind was already wondering about the one practical matter of the moment.


As expected with her age, she had a bedroom not far from here, with roommates of course. But, I wasn't planning to stay the night or do anything too horrible to her. Mostly I just wanted a little bit of adventure and who knew what this girl would come up with, I liked surprises. Within limits, of course.

The walk towards her room was interspersed with moments of caresses, pinches and kisses. The most fun on that walk was the moment where my fingers, inadvertently of course, found their way to the crevice between her legs, on the outside of her pants. The heat there was already quite profound. The pause in her step only served to allow me to tease her deeper and more. Just a single sly slide was needed to have her quiver completely on the edge of orgasm. So close already. She wanted me, longed for me, this would be fun. Her demeanor had gradually changed from the curious adventurous girl to an almost gentle slave to my quirks. A rubber ducky in a wild stream of sexuality.

I just hoped her skills matched her lust.

Once inside, we walked the dark halls of possible but not present roommate-terror, with light footsteps and no touching. She showed me her room, small but feminine. Her fingers found the switch to the light, on the ceiling. Obstructed by a yellow lampshade, the light in the room was pleasantly soft, with a yellow hue that made her hair and skin look all the more pale and white. Displayed in that light was a desk, covered with study books, a few plush animals of the cute variety in various colors and a snow-globe. Opposite of the desk was the bed, a single as expected, with colorful covers, containing the softness within. Not too much space in the whole room, bed included, but the challenge and part of the fun was to make do with what was given. A few of those things being a surprisingly soft and thick carpet, a window with closed blinds and light that was surprisingly romantic with the tension already there.

And rising.

Miss Flushed enjoyed the eager touching explorations of my hands over her legs and ass, travelling along the surprisingly round shape of the latter. She froze as soon as the crevice of her butt was touched, just breathing deeply and nicely, allowing everything to happen step by step. The next being to slowly take her top as my nimble fingers hooked around the fabric and lifting it up past her head. I had already noticed that her skin was almost as white as her hair, which, even in the yellowish light of the lampshade, nigh glittered. Her eyes just closed as little kisses ended up in her neck, soft and loving pecks, causing soft shivers of sensuality to flow down and warm her. No resistance at all as her bra was unhooked and slowly removed, my tongue travelling along the shape of her perky, small and incredibly sensitive breasts. Beautiful little nipples, perking up curiously as my licks neared them. She swayed a little, not from the alcohol as much as it was from the whole thing feeling like a dream.

Until my lips wrapped around those little buttons and sucked.

She bit her lip to avoid moaning too loud. It was obviously a lot more pleasurable than she had expected and while my fingers undid her pants, she offered no resistance nor hesitation as long as my mouth gave her so much warmth on her chest. Words whispered on the air, how boys had never touched her this subtly, how she never felt this hot, how glad she was she didn't drink too much tonight. It all brought a gentle smile to my face. She comfortably stood before me almost naked, with all but her panties draped on the desk-chair. It was too difficult to resist a few kisses on her bottom and the front, on the fabric itself. The small shock displayed with the latter was almost electric, waking her up. She suddenly realized that I was the only one still fully dressed. She started to whisper, wanting to ask probably if she could undress me or if I would undress, but I just put one finger on her lips and used my other hand to guide her hand to my chest, just above my own breasts. Her instincts would guide her.

And did.

Her hands moved a little scared over my breasts, feeling the shape, the consistency of them. She'd been with a girl before, but I could tell she liked discovering someone else as much as I did. Her white hair moved softly, her fingers lifting up my shirt like I had done with hers before anything else. Her head tilted sideways to kiss my arms and shoulders, enjoying the soft taste of my skin. Eagerly she kissed and desired more, licking the edges of my bra before she removed it. Time moved a little faster than it did when I touched her, but that was alright, I felt incredibly hot and flustered and knew that my panties would literally be leaking a little. My upper thighs felt slippery with the wetness, but she didn't know that yet.

That would come later.

My breasts, once freed, were tentatively sucked by her willing lips. Her tongue, eager to lick took its sweet time exploring the fuller shapes of my flesh before it finally reached my nipples. A deep thankful, mostly silenced moan was my answer. Mimicking me, her fingers fumbled with my pants, having trouble opening it without looking. She managed and pulled them down. Her fingers travelled back up again, between my legs and the surprise on her face once she felt how wet I really was, was incredibly cute and pretty. Hesitantly and almost disbelieving, her fingertips touched my inner thighs and felt the smooth slippery skin. Even with my panties still protecting my fine folds of flesh, my knees almost buckled once the pressure moved directly over them. It was almost like my clitoris went out and greeted her, taking her by the hand and dragging her closer. She even pushed the fabric between my labia, rubbing it a little to feel the heat even more.

I knew I had chosen the right girl.

Not needing any further encouragement or hinting, she pushed me gently back to sit on the bed while her tongue licked over my legs, getting closer to where the fluids flowed. Her pale skin and hair looked amazing as she crawled between my legs in the yellow light, my own more tanned skin looking even darker next to hers. The tip of her tongue, as sharp and agile as expected, licked around the outside of my panties, driving me crazy with lust in a way that I appreciated a lot more than was obvious in my stifled moans. But she noticed subconsciously. She didn't want our noises to be audible outside of the room, but my breathing, or temporary lack thereof, displayed my lust and pleasure perfectly. Even to someone who didn't know how to read the changes in breaths, it reverberated at a level below. The closer she came, the more eagerness displayed. It was like the tip of her tongue was on fire as well. By now, she had already tasted me, despite my unmoved and mostly untouched panties. I really was overflowing.

And longing for more.

She teased me brilliantly by not moving the cloth immediately while the tip of her tempting tongue licked just along the edge of it. Very slowly, bit by bit, her fingers moved the cloth up and aside, licking closer to my labia every second, but still agonisingly slow. Her visage was perfect; willing, curious, insecure and yet proud of the result. Full of life. In me, tension and thirst were rising, carnal cravings creeping along my spine. There had to be a moment when she would finally reach between, lick the source of the ambrosia directly. And she did.


It was as good as I had expected, better even. The tip of her tongue nimble and quick over my clitoris, dancing around like it had moments ago in my mouth. She attacked with an unsurpassed greed, a voraciousness I had not encountered ever before. Her lack of experience completely overrun by her natural reactions to my breathing moans. Flicking, teasing, playing...

So much pleasure.

A rise, high enough to feel the shocks of orgasm through my body. Shivers that rocked the bed slightly, lost in the silence of the night. Her tongue, having found confidence in this, relentless in its movements. She drove me to a few light orgasms, the spray on her face only resulting from the intimate, reckless nudging between my legs. The waves faded, her teasing terminated. She crawled up and cuddled against me, I took the chance to allow my fingers to return the favor, as well as the pleasure. She literally squealed silently against me, her legs pressed together, fighting my fingers only in the intensity of the indulgence too much for her to endure.

For me it was too easy to make her rise, her clitoris so hot and wet it felt like it was boiling. Travelling her folds, finely moving around the shapes of pleasure, the crevices of craving. The tip of my fingers slowly explored deeper, sliding in a little bit inside of her, rubbing back all the way to her clitoris and returning inside. It was too much for her. She came as soon as I was able to reach that spot deep inside of her that most people forget about. Quite hard too, she bit her lip so hard after the tremors of orgasm it bled a little. The drop of red on her pale skin a perfect testament to satisfaction.

She fell asleep almost anon, allowing me to vanish into the night.

Would she think it was all a dream?