About / FAQWhat you've always wanted to know.

These are some answers to randomly asked questions by readers or my quirky mind. ^Question not asked/answered? Contact Me^ and ask me more!

What does Nimja mean?

It's a translation of my real name into a "fake" language. It sounded nice and unique. That, and Nimja.com was not yet taken at the time.

Why this site?

The short answer is: I needed somewhere to showcase my stuff.

The long answer is basically the same, with a bunch of history on the name, hundreds of site design tries and other fluff. The main thing is that I wanted a place without adds, that performed fast and was completely at my bidding. It's been a long, and difficult journey to get here.

Since 2015, the site is completely created by me, not just content but also the technology behind it. Before I already (heavily) modified MODX to suit me, but that is no longer needed. No more commenting though (for now).

At the moment, there's more than a thousand pieces of content (images, poetry, chapters, etc.)!

How does Nimja.com/random work?

Well, you know how most computers are controlled by gnomes or pigeons? All that is required for a reasonably random representation is to simply throw a sunflower seed in their midst. The first to get it, usually not Ted, gets to deliver a page to the viewer. Isn't that nice?

Why Catherine?

Well if you want to know why that name, it's because Catherine is derived from "Hecate", the Greek goddess associated with witchcraft, tombs, demons and the underworld. If you want to know why the story, that's a little more difficult. I've wanted to do a more extreme story for a while, as my other tales have a very different setting. This is more realistic and gritty. Variety is my spice of life.

Why did you start writing Frozen Youth?

I like to make stuff, as obvious from my site. After reading Tales of MU I got inspired to finally give shape to an idea that had been in my head for simply AGES.

I've been writing a lot of Erotic Short Stories and have a tendency to do a lot of role-playing on-line in textual environments. So writing a long story seemed like a very possible. The idea of Frozen Youth itself was something that evolved through so many ideas and variations that never satisfied my dream. Finally I settled on a story method where I could write daily and it would give me the freedom to do many different styles/subjects within the story.

Do vampires cry blood?

In my story they only do if they're really, really old. While it's all nice and dramatic, it's also very inconvenient. As walking around with blood on your clothes is still frowned upon.

Where do the names come from? (Frozen Youth)

In Alphabetical order:

  • Amy - Sort of my real name, but not quite.
  • Anka - An innocent name and tribute to a lost friend.
  • Faith - A soft and childish sounding name, to contrast with her age.
  • Hitori - Means "alone" in Japanese, a joke on my name.
  • Isabel - Means "daughter of Baal" in Semitic, wildly appropriate.
  • Janus - From the two-faced roman god.
  • Jason - Means 'to heal' in Greek. Chosen for it's irony.
  • Kai (Dikaios Phos) - Meaning "fair light" in Greek. Tribute to a group.
  • Khuna - Chosen merely based on how it sounds. Strange, but true.
  • Kryss - Means "cross" in Norwegian, a cross to bear (among other things)
  • Afentis - Means "lord" in Greek. Reflecting his age and perhaps status.
  • Marius Sunamored - Tribute to Anne Rice. Figure it out.
  • Muriel - Means "bright sea", derived from Gaelic muir "sea" and geal "bright"
  • Myriam - Tribute to a golden butterfly.
  • Rain - Obvious name and sounds nice.
  • Valerie - Based on a RP character in a different world.

Why Twilight?

Japanese stories (anime, movies) have a different way of thinking about good/bad and light/darkness that I really adore. I wanted to make a western fantasy/based story that used a more flexible concept of good and evil.

And, just to note, I did not know about the 'other' twilight books until I was past chapter 50. I can only hope that people will forget that horrendous series and move on so that other, similar names are not tainted by it.

Where do the names come from? (Twilight)

In Alphabetical order:

  • Deirdre - Means "woman" (possibly) in Celtic. Chosen to reflect her sad fate.
  • Eavan - Means "beautiful sheen" in Irish Gaelic.
  • Maeve - Means "intoxicating" in Gaelic. Derived from Medb (A goddess).
  • Taran - Purely chosen for the sound. It felt strong and honest, while not sounding like anything familiar.

Do you plan your stories?

A little. In some ways I have large plot-lines in my head, but they rarely end up as I expect. As I'm writing from day to day this means surprises for myself as much as my readers. Comments can have a very strong influence sometimes!