Nov 2009

Chapter 5Three

The man was not alone, he was married. His wife waited at the bar as he was, apparently, ordered to retrieve me. Initially I just went with him to humor them. I have usually no intention to seek out multiple partners nor do I actively look for it. But he was very nice to look at, being in good shape, not too chiseled and with a soft face. She was interesting. In fact, she could have done more with her hair, her clothes and make-up to accentuate the good parts about her body more, like her curvy hips or her bright eyes. But the rest of her figure was, while definitely not bad, a little out of shape and neglected. It was a shame but one I did not dwell on too long. Her mind was quite sharp and interesting, openly speaking of what she wanted to do to me if I joined them. Showing me that he followed her every command and that she found my mannerisms to be intriguing at the very least. She knew this place well enough to assume I hadn't been here before, but my gait was that of one who might even own the place. But she knew those who did.

So to her, I was a mystery, an enigmatic woman with a sexual glow around me that both attracted and repelled. She could see I was in control of whatever I did and that is what she wanted. Someone who knew their own body, desires, lusts and borders. Perhaps it was the excitement of the kit I had with me, or the lack of sex for over three weeks, I'm still not completely sure. But, I accepted the offer. It was a short drive to their house, a two story apartment next to the water. I left my bag in the car as I wasn't going to use it, it was better that way. Inside I was surprised by their house and atmosphere. It was mostly wooden surfaces of cheap, but comfortable looking seats, sofas and tables. Colors in the room were in the warm spectrum of the rainbow, composed of soft reds and yellows, spread by lampshades over the otherwise plain walls. Some paintings in various styles hung around the room, they didn't look expensive either, but two were pleasant to look at. One of them even depicted a tasteful erotic scene, with an almost nude woman on an antique sofa. A winding staircase guided the way upstairs, a place we would not yet go.

The woman took the first steps, undressing me gently, using her hands as little as possible and instructed her husband to do the same. My skin was crazy sensitive after so long without sex. My nipples caused shivers all down my spine when she brushed the fabric of my bra over them. It surprised her a little, but not unduly so. After that, she looked at me expectantly, waiting for me to order. I think I told before that I don't like to right-out give orders to people, that I like to control the situation in subtlety, letting things flow almost naturally with minor interference from me. However, I wanted to see the limits of her imagination, the situation was rich and flexible enough for some elaborate experimentation. I asked her to be undressed by her man while she licked me, but not between my legs or my breasts. What she did was rather inventive and original, and very pleasurable.

She instructed her husband to start with her shoes and socks, at the same time as licking and kissing my feet, not using her hands. Her tongue moved almost like the cloth did on her own skin as her socks were pulled off her feet. I was still standing, enjoying the sight of her submissively licking my feet while her husband undressed her. What made it interesting for me was not the slave attitude of either of them, but that she made parallels between her physical sensations and her actions towards me. Next he removed, by her command, her top. She'd removed her jacket on entering the apartment, but she was still wearing the same slightly too baggy top. First she licked along my belly, as it was grabbed there and raised to above her shoulders. She had to wait for just a moment to lick my shoulders after the fabric had passed hers. Then, one arm at a time, it got pulled off her while my skin was tantalizingly tingled by her tongue's touch. Her bra got removed and she managed to keep by my wishes by not licking my breasts themselves. But where the straps had been on my back, my side and my shoulders were all followed by her licks. Her own nipples, already hard, brushed along my hips once or twice as she tried to get all around my body. Her pants were a little more interesting. She licked all around my hips, staying high enough above my Venus-hill to be complacent, and almost felt like a butterfly as her pants were pulled off her legs. She was still wearing her panties though. And this is where her mind surprised me, she followed my instructions better than I would have expected. Her warm wet extremity extraordinarily exploring the inner curves of my rear.

I was very, very impressed.

For him, I just asked her to help me undress him, using nothing but our teeth. It was almost teasingly fun for the both of us, messing around with his jeans, especially the button. The two of us fighting to pull off his shirt. He looked quite entertained as well. We mostly managed not to touch him while we did so, which only appeared to strengthen his enjoyment, and his penis. It was a very good one, actually, large, not too veined, gentle color, red head. While penises aren't exactly the most exciting body-part to look at most of the times, this one was nice, long and thick enough to be enjoyed. I was already looking forward to jumping up and down on it, impaling myself feverishly. But not yet, all good comes to those who wait, and waiting is an important part of the game. Once nude, a new idea sprang in my head. I wanted to see how close she could bring him to orgasm without touching him. An order easily given and, to my amusement, eagerly followed. She asked him to lay down on the floor, walking all around him. It took her a few moments to find a way to do what she wanted. What made it all the more fun to watch is that her mind was working as well, she wanted to follow my command, but didn't know yet how.

That is, until she started to move her hands very slowly over his body. She moved slow and close enough for his skin to feel the warmth but not actually touching him. Moving slowly over his legs, his chest and his arms. It took her some adjustment to avoid his sometimes twitching member, moving every time her hands came near. His breathing was a lust to the ear, as it reflected perfectly the pleasure he felt. Never before had I heard a man breathe so intensely. It became even better when she used her warm and cool breath (by breathing and blowing) to pleasure his nipples and penis as well. I'm not sure how close he really was, but judged by his breathing, if I were to lick only once, from the base to the tip, it would be too much for him. Of course I had to try, he looked healthy enough to be able to do it multiple times an evening, besides, I wanted to feel her experienced tongue on my sensitive folds of flesh as well. While she kept her untouched pleasure up as best she could, keeping him almost at the very edge of orgasm, I moved in to lick with the tip of my tongue not over his base, but just below the head and up all the way.

He came.

With her hands being just out of the way, as well as her face, and mine being closer to his legs than his stomach, it was a rare case when his member could twitch and orgasm completely independent. The arcs of his ejaculate glistening in the light, landing on his stomach and chest. The sudden strong smell of him in the air, the subtle twitches of his body, the moans passing his lips. And of course me there with a front row seat. One of the better views I had ever had of such an event. She had stopped all movement and waited, together with me, until he had calmed down. A mere nod was enough to allow her to lick up the results of his sudden explosion with the tip of her tongue. She did it really well too, almost sucking it inside with touching him as little as possible.

The rest of the night was spent giving pleasure back and forth between the three of us. She mostly let me decide what the next step would be but used all her freedom in the interpretation to make it original. For example, when I asked her to lick me, she didn't just lick my sensitive spots but almost every piece of skin on my body. It was very sensual and erotic, even if she failed to give me a full orgasm as she reached my clit. She wasn't disappointed though, she was more patient than I would have given her credit for. Some more fun was had with him later as well. Once he had recovered, he patiently watched us without interfering at all. He was a very good little pet, knowing exactly what to do and (more importantly) not do. While I was tempted to enjoy and test his good physique, having him move inside of me, it was more fun to have him standing exactly still, straight, while I stood bend over in front of him. Instead of having him move his hips, his instruction was to be perfectly still while I pushed my hips back into him, impaling myself in a very different way. The wife was surprised when I let him orgasm inside of me, assuring me apologetically that they were clean and healthy. I expected no less. Her stamina was somewhat better than his, he gave up after three hours of this, still fairly impressive. She and I spent over five hours pleasuring each other. And though I never fully achieved an orgasm, it was still a very enjoyable night.

Back in the car, the following day, while still feeling the nice buzz of the night's adventure, my thoughts were already thinking ahead of actually using the kit. Soon.