May 2012

TortureWould the pain cause you to talk?

The drugs were starting to wear off and it wouldn't be long before you would wake up. Everything was ready, a room full of 'toys' to use on you as we weren't sure yet what would be effective. This wouldn't be the first time we broke a girl, but it would be quite a special one. Our initial investigation showed she had some interesting... interests.

You woke up, groggy as well. Your wrists and ankles were in straps, able to move but not much. A blindfold on you was therefore practically impossible to take off. It was needed... While someone could definitely be recognized by voice, a face is so much easier to describe. Panic on your face, clear as day. You started to realize something was wrong. Your body exposed, naked. Pain in your nipples, clamps. But you didn't remember a thing of how you got here. Your body squirmed, unable to get anywhere, your mind racing with a million thoughts and fears.

"Well well Sophia," They knew your name! "I see you have woken up."

"What's going on?" Your voice controlled and angry trying not to show the feelings inside.

"We need some information from you. My... associates have some business interest with your parents and we need some leverage to improve our standing." You could hear the smirk on his voice. "So, we need to know if your parents are aware of your... hobbies. We need to know if they still think you're a virgin. Surely you can answer that, it is a simple yes or no question."

Panic spread on your face. Your hidden life, the bondage and spanking, was kept far away from your religious parents. The shame they'd feel when they found what things you truly liked. It would break their hearts. It would cause conflict for them beyond compare as they would wish to shun you as a spawn of the devil, but couldn't forget you as their daughter. Yes, it was a simple enough question, but you could not tell them, not in a million years. No matter what they would do to you.

"It's none of your business. Why do you need to know anyway?" Your voice was wavering, with thoughts already on the things that they could do to you. You suddenly recalled the clamps on your nipples, your nudity.

A little chuckle punctuated your fright. "It seems we will have to do this the hard way."

There was a moment of silence before the lash of a whip landed on your inner thigh. You didn't expect this, you had no idea what you would have expected, but suddenly it was too real. They were going to torture you, perhaps even rape you. "No! I'm not going to tell you!"

"Really Sophia," He seemed to have a perverse pleasure in knowing your name. "is it really worth all this aggravation, why not just tell us what we need to know?"

You started to cry, tears rolling down your face as you fought the bonds that kept you. The whip lashed again and once more. It hurt so much, yet so good. A soft odor was spreading through the room and it hurt you to realize that it was your own body betraying you. Yes, you enjoyed pain, but not by a stranger... And yet. The whipping stopped.

"Do you want to give us the answer now?" He was still smirking.

For a moment, the thought flashed through your head that you would be able to stand the pain they gave you. Perhaps they didn't know of your hobbies that intimately. The pain had felt good, in a way, and that knowledge gave you new fire to withstand them. No answer, a shake of your head was enough, tears still flowing over your face, but no longer of pain.

Fingers started exploring your thighs and pussy, your body betraying your arousal by raised nipples, even in the clamps, and wetness spreading below. No fingers entered you though, not yet. A blush appeared on your cheeks as you realized your body was speaking for you and you were unable to stop it. And he noticed.

A chuckle again, you started to hate that sound. "It seems you're enjoying this, slut." He paused and seemed to pick something up from a table nearby. "We are going to try something interesting. There is this... ointment that they make in India that has very strong healing properties. However, we've found that it also has some intriguing side-effects."

Before the fear could grab hold of you, you felt a glob of cool ointment smeared against your pussy. It felt smooth and could have been pleasant in another situation. The sensitivity of your flesh welcoming that cool glow to calm down. Until it started to tingle and then burn. It felt very much like an expensive tiger-balm. It burned so deeply that it felt as if your whole hips were on fire. In a good way, too good. The fingers who were rubbing it in, continued to rub it into you, three fingers sliding into your pussy and making sure the salve was spread very nicely inside just as much as outside. It burned.

Those three fingers inside of you started moving, rubbing, thrusting. Your mind becoming just as much in heat as your body was made to be. You moaned non-stop, never giving a clear indication for them to do more, nor to stop. He slapped your face, asking if you weren't going to tell. And another slap, hard, stinging your cheeks. But you kept mumbling and moaning incoherently until two more fingers, covered in the smooth ointment, slid inside of your ass. You cried out in pain, pleasure and confusion. Still you would not answer, would not betray your family. What they did to you was painful perhaps, but your body was enjoying it as something entirely different from torture. Three fingers inside of your pussy, two in your ass, it felt like that was the limit of what you could endure. Someone also started tugging on the clamps that were still on your nipples, completely forgotten until now. And when they let go, you felt how weights had been added. It hurt... so good.

"It seems our little slut needs some more incentive to talk."

The rustle of clothes went beyond your distraught mind and the first you knew was a penis, no a cock being forced into your mouth. It was big, too big. The size of it made your jaw ache and stretch to try and accommodate. There was a small window of opportunity to try and take charge of the situation, you could bite, but the fingers in your pussy and ass ravaged you unrelenting and you started to suck. It was stiff fast, forcing itself down your throat almost to the point of choking. You knew what was going to happen, you knew where they wanted to put it.

"Do I have to fuck you so you will tell me what you know?" He fucked your mouth some more, the voice so rough and close by. "Answer me, bitch." A slap across your face again. "Do your parents still think you are a virgin?"

You screamed incoherently, anger, opposing. You decided that you would try and withstand this. The pain and humiliation, you could take it all. It showed in your eyes.

"I see."

Without a warning, the enormous cock got pulled out of your mouth, your body lifted and turned vertically and your thighs pushed open. The big cock, saturated with your own juice and the balm, forced its way into your core. It was big, it really was. Stretching you open, hurting you, tearing your pussy even. It felt so good, so intense, so fantastically painful and pleasurable. Even the feeling that your pussy would be torn open was no longer a fear but a desire. He fucked you hard, thrusting over and over again until you could think of nothing but wanting to get release.

Your voice screamed out, moaned, shouted for more. "Fuck me! Yes! More!" A second cock slit into your well-fingered ass, still covered in ointment. It burned, it hurt so brilliantly. Your body felt like a flame, burning with a deep desire to cum to extinguish that fire. The two cocks fucked you so hard, so intensely. You screamed for more and wanted to orgasm so badly. So much that it started to hurt, the need to cum growing larger than any other pain in your body."

"You're probably wondering why you can't cum, slut." There was a deep growl in his voice as he kept fucking you. "The drugs we gave you contained something to prevent orgasms. Only we have something against it." His cock never stopping. "And we can go on for a long time."

It was true, your body made it known immediately. Something was stopping you from achieving the squirting release that you needed to put out the fire in your body. The pain was immense, the burning consuming all of your thoughts. The cocks filling you over and over again, your breasts squeezed, the clamps pulled and dropped again. You were so close, so agonizingly close. All this time everything could have made you cum, but nothing did until they wanted it.

"You will have to tell us to get your orgasm. Do your parents know that you're no longer a virgin?" He growled harder in anger this time. "Tell us! Do they know?!"

The answer was simple. "No!" You cried it out, forcing it out, needing the orgasm so badly.

"Say it, Sophia. Do your parents know? Tell us and we will make you cum." He had heard the difference. The attack continued unrelentingly. The fucking was so intense, so good, so frustrating. It hurt so much, you wanted it too much.

"My parents don't know I'm a virgin!" Tears sprang from your eyes, the shame lasting only a fraction of a second when the pleasure took over. Perhaps it was a gas, or something else, but as soon as you said it, you came. You came so hard that you squirted all over the floor and their bodies. Your ass and pussy contracted, almost pushing the two cocks out of you. You came so hard that your moans were no more than an incoherent mumble of pure animal lust.

There was no existence, no shame nor fear. There was only all that pleasure, all that pain that took you away from the world and focused your whole being into one bright spark of intensity.

They never stopped fucking you. You had barely recovered from the first orgasm when the second was already coming. And you wanted it, so badly. Your body was almost broken, so tired from all the pressure and the release, but you still wanted more. And it came. You came. One more time.

It hit you so hard that the wind had been knocked out of you and you passed out.

Time passed, how much you didn't know. You woke still very much aroused, almost regretting to hear the men leave the room and closing the door with a solid thumb behind them. The realization of what you'd done washed over you and the guilt rose in your stomach. You sold out your parents for no more than an orgasm, for no more than a moment of pure, intense pleasure. You cried softly, confused and broken. Your breasts, pussy and ass still pleasantly sore of all that happened before and a wave of conflicting emotions broke its crest on your heart.