Jan 2004

13 - Forest Dream13 - Forest Dream

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Lyrics originally written for the song, not recorded.

Deep in the forest there lives an elf
All alone
He is search of someone
That he can love
He wants to know all that love can give
To him

And then he sees her and he falls in love
With a little human girl
She is standing near the tree in which he lives
He hopes she doesn't leave
But he's to small he knows she can't see him
Unless she believes


But she sees him now
Because she believes
And she falls in love
With him

And she picks him up
Holds him close to her heart
And she hopes they'll live

Deep in the forest there are two elves
In love, not alone
They have lived there for a thousand years and they will
Live on
And they are still happy, because they believe
In love

The tree where they have met
It still exists
They now live there together as one
Simply live and love
So you see you can do everything if you
Believe in love