Aug 2005

8 - Rain8 - Rain

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The song is based on the character Rain, from my story Frozen Youth

Lyrics in the song, recorded by me and mixed with a vocoder. To me, it was a lot of fun to experiment with a virtual vocoder. To make it work well, I still sang in key and then let the mix happen. It was probably more work than just singing normally, but a lot of fun too.


A night so dark, a little girl
Her sister lost, her feelings swirl
She had nowhere else to go
But the grave

It took her much too long to find
Hindered by her weary mind
Even though progress was slow
She was brave


Let the light run from the sky
Rain will stay
She will always wonder why
Rain will stay

Her sister lost forevermore
Rain will stay
No one one saw her brave before
Rain will stay


The brutal knowledge of the past
Was never told, she was the last
Protecting her by keeping still
Yet she knew

She ran from home, to say goodbye
They let the chance just pass her by
Though her tears surpassed her will
Now she grew



The darkness gave her back her heart
Told the story, played her part
For the sins she would atone
End the war

She said goodbye and shed her tears
Letting go of all the fears
She will never feel alone