Jun 2010

Good + Bad = NeutralWhere have I been?

As some of you may wonder (and if not, you should), I have not exactly written a lot lately. Why is that?

Well, to my own great surprise, I've managed to find 'a life'. They were on sale not too long ago and I'm quite happy with it. The past few weekends I've been to parties both near and far, causing me to be either tired or traveling. Even during the week I have few nights of respite.

However, I have literally tons of plans and plots in my head, so writing WILL be done... Eventually. I just hope my dear readers are patient.

I've started using Twitter for some of my random thoughts. I hope they will amuse people, and if not... Ah well.

Nimja wonders when it'll be possible to 'think' stories to get them on paper without typing.