Sep 2019

Interview for Trancing in the SheetsVideo, by Kaz Riley

Kaz speaks with NIMJA an Erotic Hypnotist!
With Nimja, "Your imagination is the limit!"

With over 155 THOUSAND subscribers on his Youtube channel Kaz’ guest today on Trancing in the Sheets will open your mind to an area of hypnosis that many are unaware of… Hypno-Kink! This episode takes the vanilla out of clinical hypnosis and bring us exploration into an area that doesn’t judge. From likes and limits to a pleasure filled mind in an often busy and often hectic world.
This episode provides phenomenal insight and explanation into Erotic hypnosis showing it for what it is rather than what many THINK it is. If you are unaware of using hypnosis in this way, this is a must-see episode.

From amazing post hypnotic suggestion possibilities to allowing clients to be naughty and playful without bothering anybody knowing can be a treat and Nimja shares all! From what a hypnotist needs to look for when working with clients in an erotic environment to the types of experiences clients request including brainwashing, mind control, and transformation into a creature, shape or person.
This episode will be the best twenty minutes of entertainment in your day!

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