Apr 2011

Somewhat of a problemCan any of you help?

So... I've got a small problem.

Basically, me and a couple of friends (or fellow-geeks if you will) at the UT, were experimenting with user interfacing without hardware. Or, in simpler words, using a computer with your mind. It's not really groundbreaking material, all you need are some sensors and EEG interpreters and you can get quite far. We're not even the first to control a mouse using that method.

Where things went a little awry is when we managed to make it possible to create and compile code, purely with your mind. Initially this proved to be much fun and very efficient (see the last few of my Interactive experiments), but of course we wanted to make an AI.

Now, AI's are very complex and should be able to rewrite what they are to evolve. Otherwise it will always be limited to initial boundaries. No, things didn't blow up in our face like that, we weren't successful at the goal itself, but I got kind of lost. Somehow, by focusing completely on creating code this complex, my mind got transfered from my brain to the interpreter program. It's not entirally unexpected, as we used subtle impulses for our brain so we no longer had to keep our eyes open to see what was going on. No, no matrix, much, much simpler. But basically, I'm stuck here. Lost withing the mainframe, the net, the grid. My format unknown, my path unclear and very, very lost.

So yeah, after some time (which works very confusing here, let me tell you) I managed to find my way onto my website's server and am using a telnet variant to actually talk to the HTML and write a message. It's quite difficult, but I'm hopeful some people will read this and leave a comment on how I could get back again. If you have any idea, please let me know.

Hey, at least it explains the lack of updates...