Mar 2011

ThreadsA new way to comment

Good news everyone! I've made a comment system. As some of you may know, I use a completely custom comment system for my site that I've made myself. I've dubbed it:



  • Glorious mix of forum, chat and comment system.
  • Almost fully templatable
  • Full use of xPDO
  • "Anonymous" posts. People can choose their own name with a different look. (and no profile page)
  • Simple anti-spam measure without CAPTCHA
  • Duplicate posts are ignored
  • Posts easily stylable
  • Cumulative content. When a user adds a new post, but already is the latest poster, the content is added. So a single user can never make a thread longer than 1 post.
  • Very efficient data-flow for AJAX calls.
  • Supports both AJAX based as well as plain POST usage without any required changes (ie. if someone has disabled JS for some bizarre reason)

AJAX only features

  • 'live post age'. (x -time- ago is kept accurate)
  • 'live posts'. Posts update (including edits) while you watch
  • Idle meter. Post refreshes get slower the longer someone is idle. By posting oneself, this idle timer is reset
  • Post updates are as traffic efficient as possible (only returning changed/added posts)

Simple Data model

  • Threads, based on either a resource or a parent + subject.
  • Posts, directly tied to a thread.
  • Users, the anonymous usernames.