Nov 2021

Wisdom Halloween Contestby Various artists

It was really hard to pick the winner from all of the submissions. Some are not featured here but I have viewed and enjoyed them all. Thank you so much!

The Winner - Spooky Wisdom

Artist: Elliot - mellowgrahamcracker on Tumblr
A beautiful rendition of a happy androgynous Wisdom, harvesting some well-deserved candy.

They also added 2 more: Wisdom Hug - Wisdom Design

Honorable Mentions

Wisdom's first assignment

Artist: Official Moose of Canada

A very interesting bit of fanart, showing how Wisdom would help influence official entities in my favor.

Wisdom's First Assignment - PDF

Well, She's Got The Spirit

Artist: Crystal Bubbles

It's just so cute! The binary even makes sense! Being literal can be a good source of amusement. Also Wisdom dressed up as a Witch is nice.

Assistant Wisdom

Artist: CarniArts

For some reason, I really like this sassy, playful look and the design is very on point!

Nierly Wisdom

Artist: Sam - lostpeanut on Tumblr

As always, the quality that Sam delivers is astounding. And them poking at my nerdy like of Nier Automata is just not fair... But very cool!

Other submissions

Other submissions, in chronological order. You have all been thanked in private!

Word to the Wise

Artist: Mokerly

Wisdom's Mandala

Artist: KJ


Artist: Jan Mars - View on DeviantArt


Artist: XeniX

Blindfold or Handcuffs?

Artist: Annelise de Fere

Don't Panic, Wisdom Will Help

Artist: Tsia