Jan 2020

A Feeling To ComeFlirtation


The start
A piece
That guides the desire
A fire that feeds
On the flames deep inside
The craving that builds
Before the first touches
There must be a guide
To perfect the perforation
Of will and the wants
Trapped in the clutches
Of arousal

The buildup
A tease
Caresses to please
Continue, give more
Open that door
Build up the tension
The waves I won't mention
Again soon competing
A monsoon completing
Wetness and want
Dripping, a taunt
Firmly ferocious
Hardly denied
A guide

Delaying the fun
A moment to come
Would soon arrive
To strive for release
As ever the need
The closer you are
The brighter the star
About to explode
An unending road
That would suddenly stop
As you drop

The moment is now
Your brain will allow
The intensity stream
An impossible dream
The craving fulfilled
The touching until
You release all that is
Building up until this
A flash of the world
All tension unfurled
Guttural moans
Inhuman tones