Jun 2010

Far awayand yet so close

This is a sad dream, for once. About someone special to me who is always so far away. Partly I wanted to just write a poem, but sometimes something more is needed.

People who have ever chatted on the Internet and found someone that accidentally touched their heart, by someone so far away it seems impossible to meet, should know exactly what I mean.

Through quirky ways we get to speak
Sometimes with text, or voice
Time delayed or just sped up
And yet a welcome choice

With every message, good or bad
My heart could skip a beat
Thinking, dreaming pondering
On when we'd get to meet

Yet words and text can go awry
A kindle to the flame
For spurts of insecurity
And no one is to blame

But patience is what carries us
Makes us be as one
To persist through the glitches
And grow to be more strong

So if the carrier is ever lost
If doubt is in your mind
Remember the connection deep
Gentle peace you'll find

ps. This page is the 1000th one on Nimja.com