Jan 2020

Journey Of A HypnotistThe first step intrigue...


The first step intrigue, from science and words
Telling of mysterious things to be heard
Hypnosis, no myth but something unknown
Told to be real but not yet quite shown

Trouble with finding a place to learn
Only the library had one or two books
Curiosity grew and a deeper still yearn
No place online, no secret nooks

H.F. and H.B., F.L. and more
Finally places that opened a door
Merely beginning in style
As a 'tist I was told to always be strong
A mask that lasted a little too long

Growing up slowly and learning my trade
Reading more books and finding some shade
Imperfect solutions that helped me to see
The greater variation in intimacy

All the while I made scripts that could move on their own
And audio files that worked
A website that grew, and the channel did too
More than I could ever have known

My hard work didn't stop and my learning went on
Empowering people to listen at ease
Resets and guides, red flags were drawn
Grateful for feedback happy to please

In a way I feel I've only begun
There's so much still left to do
Conferences to attend, events to run
And as always learning anew

Thank you for reading and being a part
Much of this came from the heart
Words are my tool and also my trade
While I was sometimes unsure, I'm glad that I stayed