Jan 2020

Melting RoomA simple room of clean bare wood


A simple room of clean bare wood
The center filled with heat
And stones that radiate so good
The slow and steady beat

There might be music, soft and sweet
The atmosphere is kind
All tension melts away indeed
This place was a great find

Yes, all the pieces are aligned
It's timeless to let go
In every corner of your mind
Relaxation all you know

Now, focus on the words and show
The warmth that fills you deep
Attention flowing nice and slow
In almost like a sleep

It's quiet here inside the heap
A fuzzy cloud unfold
Your thoughts are ready for a leap
A walk into the cold

A shower that does things untold
Awakening a vice
Refreshing as you feel so bold
Your body feeling nice

Who knows if you will dare this twice
Your memory in doubt
It's worth it here to pay the price
So cleansed inside and out