Jan 2020

WordplayPlaying with language is fun


Playing with language is fun
Even more so the art of the pun
Because before this poem is done
I'm sure you'll agree that I've won

Not that I am the master
Or a dissaster, teasing those who are after
The calm before the storm
A balm of words, worn their way into the mind
A kind of con-fusion
A trap
A miss takes every thing away
Or a play of letters
Chainmail protection
Against the barrage
Of a bunny massage
Flung by a pleasant peasant observing the fray

Not that the poet's tree is ever in bloom
His warts more beautiful than a rose
Sentenced pre scribe
A delirious bribe
The green muse
A ruse

As this diss' traction grows
And you read it again, sharing woes
Or maybe wows