Chapter 46Where She Doesn't Drop

Valerie and Isabel went their own way toward the safe-house. We, Khuna and I, walked toward our home. I guess she felt happy she was finally among friends again. She leaned against me a little as we took the long walk home. We walked slowly, very slowly. And she asked me to tell her what we had seen this night. She looked thoughtful when I mentioned St. Michael's Orphanage, but said she didn't know it.

"You know, there's one thing I haven't told you about yesterday." Khuna finally said.

I looked at her while we walked. "Hmm?"

"He tried to kiss me."

I looked at her with surprise. "How?"

"When he wanted to talk to me, he wanted to kiss me, touch me and stuff. I think..." She hesitated. "I think he likes me. He hasn't really tried to kill me, just scare me into joining him."

I didn't know what to say, I really didn't. I couldn't even fathom it. Was I jealous? Was I angry? Was I hurt? Was I worried for Khuna? There was one thing I did want to know.

"And you?"

She fidgeted with the small shirt. "I don't know. I hate him for what he stands for..." She let the rest of the sentence hang in the air restlessly. I didn't force her to finish and we were nearing home anyway.

We stood in the alley noticing another truck, it was the same company from last night it seemed, but different people. They looked foreign in an undefinable way and were just working hard to load it up. I only mildly registered it, Khuna more in the forefront of my mind.

We walked into the alley unnoticed and I looked up. "Can you manage?"

Khuna smiled grimly. "I'll have to, won't I?" She looked a bit more serious. "I'll be alright, really. I'll just do it the old fashioned way." She stepped away from me and started to climb, slowly.

I waited below, watching her every move but she didn't seem to have a problem. It was slow but steady, no mistakes or danger.

A sigh of relief.

She was almost at the roof so I got myself ready to jump. I hunched, aimed and jumped, making it to the edge of the roof and clutching to it. I pulled myself up and looked for Khuna's hands to appear. As soon as I saw them I reached out and held out my hand for her to grab.

She reached out for me and slipped with her foot. She fell backwards making me shoot forward and grab her wrist, her body slamming against the wall but held up by me. My feet slid only a little but I was able to stand fast. Holding her safe.

Time froze, no movement.

Moments passed while my reflexes caught up with me and I realized I was holding her. My heart was still beating fast, my body felt filled with adrenaline. I slowly pulled her up, trying to focus on not making any sudden movements. I tried to breath slowly while putting her on the roof, making controlled and precise movements.

"Thanks for catching me."

"Don't worry about it." I smiled.

Khuna massaged her wrist and smiled at me. "Let's go in."

I opened the heavy door and closed it behind Khuna. We walked the corridor and entered the room, almost happy to see Kai sitting there behind his computer like norm...

Kai jumped up. "Amy!" He walked toward us quickly. "Amy! I found out who send that message from 'MT' a while ago."

He almost jumped around excitedly, the stark contrast between Khuna's condition and his happiness was too much for me. It took him a while to notice the cuts on her arm and her leaning into me. She looked up to him with a kind look, not at all worried about her own situation. After a while the thoughts found their way through to his enthusiasm.

"Eh... Khuna, what happened?" His voice slightly apologetic, it was cute.

"Later, tell us what you found out." Khuna smiled bravely.

"Well, there were no traces from the first time, but he screwed this time. His name is Janus! I finally found it despite the really clever scripts he put around it. They're supposed to self-remove and everything. If I found out an hour or so later I'd never have found anything! But I got him!"

"Wow, well done Kai!" Khuna said happily.

I had a feeling I was missing something vitally important. "This time?"

Kai looked shocked. "Oh! That's right, there was another message for you."

I almost dropped Khuna in anger and surprise. "Well, what was it?!"

Kai walked back to his computers and pointed at a screen. "Look."

There, a simple, plain message-box like the one before.

'Midnight tomorrow, Broken Path, MT'

Another message from my mom! To meet her!