Oct 2007

Chapter 55Where Blood is Thin

My dreams faded into the day as they always did. Unable to properly remember them I knew they were important. It wasn't a nice dream, I had a feeling I was waking up to the sun, it's bright rays filling my eyes and burning my skin. Time shifted again and I truly woke.

As I opened my eyes I felt slightly confused. But it was nice feeling Khuna's warmth next to me, despite being in a different room. Then I remembered as my mind got into gear, I was in Khuna's room. I thought it was interesting how my mind automatically felt misplaced. Even before I realised where I was it knew I wasn't in my room.

Khuna was still asleep and at first I wanted to stay with her until she woke up, then I remembered who asked for my presence. I wanted to walk over to his house as soon as I could. I kissed Khuna's cheek and moved to get out of the bed.

"Are you going already?" A sleepy voice from behind me.

"Yeah, I'm going to meet someone." I spoke softly, it felt so precious.

"Hitori?" Khuna giggled.

I blushed. "Yes."

She got out of bed and gave me a quick hug. "Have fun. Meet after midnight at 'The Tree' in the park?"

I giggled as she made the one tree sound so special. "Alright. Thanks Khuna."

"For what?" She smiled.

"Being my friend." I gave her a quick hug again and left, going upstairs.

Upstairs I noted Kai was gone again, common for this early but Valerie was there, just sitting on the sofa, yawning. She smiled as I walked past, knowing very well where I was going to.

"Good luck!" She blew me a kiss and winked.

I blushed. "Thanks!"

Walking out of the building on the roof I breathed in the evening air. There was definitely a hint of cold on the air. Autumn wasn't far away. A memory from my dreams came feeling myself run and jump in that cooler air. But it passed before I could even grasp it. I shrugged and dropped down to the street after listening if there was no one there. I hardly made a sound anyway. Though the lack of doors here might surprise someone if they did see me coming out here.

Ah well, onward.

I walked through town quite quickly. I didn't feel as alone as yesterday, which was a bit strange I thought, but I guess today I was going with the blessing of Khuna and Valerie. And of course I would meet Khuna later on.

The town was welcoming though, it seemed a bit busier than yesterday, more young people about too. I didn't pay much attention to it besides the usual noting everything. My mind was very giddy on seeing Hitori again, in his own house no less. Briefly I wondered if I should drink before I saw him. I decided it was better. Besides, if he wanted to make pictures of me I preferred to be fed. So I'd look better.

I didn't want to waste too much time though. I was still pondering on this when I saw a guy, standing in the open front door of an apartment building where there seemed to be a party going on upstairs. He was holding a beer and was looking at me.

"Hey there pretty. Why don't you join our party upstairs?" He sounded like a student, looked like it too.

I felt so excited about going to Hitori that I decided to try something. I walked over to the guy seductively (I hoped) and smiled to him. I didn't say a word but got close and the guy just closed his eyes, expecting a kiss. I didn't wait and bit in his neck gently before even kissing him. Wanting to save the kisses for Hitori tonight.

His blood flowed into me, I could even taste a hint of the alcohol in his blood, it wasn't that much yet. His memories were very chaotic and I couldn't really see them. Also his blood didn't hit me like normal. It felt... thinner, less intense. I wondered why that was. But still it flowed into me, filling me and raging my senses. I felt the blush filling my cheeks, arms and legs. Giving me a bit more color, but just subtly.

I released him and left him stunned. I felt guilty taking his blood with so little care. Despite the guy looking happy, if dazed and surprised. He would probably tell the story to his mates, how he got a cute girl from the street to kiss him without a word.

I walked on and took a deep breath, I wanted to have a clear head for Hitori. At least I felt filled now and my body felt warmer, more human. I wondered if that was all it was to become for me, a habit like smoking or eating. Of course I did realise I didn't like to do it like that. It hadn't felt good at all. The blood was still intense but it wasn't... complete or something. Thoughts for a later time.

Almost at Hitori's house, I waited in front of his door and took another deep breath. For a moment I thought I heard Isabel's voice on the wind, barely audible. 'Now is your time.'

I pressed the doorbell and heard someone walking off the stairs. The door opened and Hitori stood there, smiling.

"Hey there stranger."

I smiled nervously, but seeing him warmed me more than the blood ever did.

"Hi, can I come in?"