Oct 2007

Chapter 57Where Someone Foretells

I looked surprised. I'd never seen Gypsies before, or heard much of them. Well, in stories perhaps but never actually there. Not that I had thought about them often, in the same way you don't think about other things that are always absent. I looked up at Khuna, who was sitting in the tree on one of the lower branches, wanting to ask her. She jumped down just before I spoke.

"Gypsies? I didn't even know they came into town?"

Khuna giggled. "They'll be gone by morning. They keep to themselves a lot and make sure there is little trace of their presence. A sort of respect perhaps. Or just wishing to be left alone."

I nodded. "I think I understand, kind of why we leave as little trace as possible."

Khuna grinned. "Except we're not always good at it." She winked at me and poked my side.

I giggled. "Hey, no teasing."

"How was your time with Hitori? Anything happen?"

I blushed. "Well, he made a lot of pictures of me and I gave him a hug. That's about it."

"Aww, come here you!"

Suddenly Khuna hugged me, the surprise factor of it caught me off balance and we both fell backwards onto the soft moss. I wanted to defend myself and tried tickling her, but the only result was me getting tickled back. And unfortunately she was much better at it than I. Ending up a victim rather than the victor, Khuna had me rolling around on the ground trying to fend her off.

"I give in! Have mercy!" Almost stuttering with laughter.

Khuna released me and hugged me softer this time. "Silly girl."

We got up, still giggling. Khuna looked at the Gypsies. "Come, I have an idea."

She took me by the hand and we walked toward them. Their singing was quite cheerful in a strange way, their dancing open and without care, with a lot of drink flowing freely it seemed. They were also a lot more colorful than the people in town. Reds, greens, yellows all roamed freely in their clothing. I wondered briefly if these people were more free than those living in the city. But I guessed they had their own problems.

As we walked in a guy blocked our way. "What are you two doing here."

Khuna smiled warmly. "Minding our own business, just as you."

The man smiled. "Fair enough."

Khuna kept smiling. "In fact, could you tell us where 'she' is?"

The mans expression flickered between surprise and disgust, but returned to normal. "Hmm... She's over there."

Khuna turned to where he pointed and walked over to a woman sitting alone. There was quite a lot of space left free around her despite all the dancing going on. But it was a respectful distance, as if she was important in a good way. Looking at her I noticed she had Tarot cards in front of her. A fortune teller? Khuna surprised me, what was her interest in this?

The woman looked up at us, but Khuna spoke first. "Good evening, I would like you to see for real."

Khuna looked her right in the eyes and the change in the woman was remarkable. She had looked weary before but now she looked intrigued. Something about her made me realize she looked much deeper than the skin. She smiled kindly as she realized Khuna appreciated her sight for what it was, besides a parlor trick.

"Only because both of you look deeper." The woman put her Tarot cards away. "We won't need these then."

Khuna sat down on her knees in front of her, all attentive and open. I tried to do the same and sat down next to her. Khuna offered her hand to her and the woman took it, looking at it intensely before she looked back into Khuna's eyes.

"I see inner conflict. Two you love but only one you can have. Lost in conflict, not brave enough to choose, your feelings taking charge. He will betray you."

Khuna looked down, aware of herself to a degree she probably didn't expect but did ask for. The woman held out her hand again. "Give her your right hand." Khuna whispered softly.

I obliged and saw how she took it gingerly and looked at it until she looked me straight in the eyes. Shivers passed my back as I felt her looking through me into my future. A very peculiar feeling.

"Outer conflict, a rise, a fall. Hiding underground and talking to an ancient. You will see the light but fear it. If only your dreams stayed with you through the night."

It was an interesting way to put it. I thought she was done and wanted to retract my hand but suddenly she looked at me with a lot of fear in her eyes.

"The daughter of Ba'al looks over your shoulder! Get away from her! She's dangerous! Get away!"