Chapter 212Breeze of Work

The answer came to me clear as day. Though my mind initially started to lean to asking Afentis for help. He was too tied up with Faith. Plus, I hoped he would take care of Rain as well for me. It would give me some freedom to arrange things. Assuming that Faith had a point, which she did even if it wasn't 'the truth', then it would be better to go back into town and spring the trap.

I smiled a final time to Faith. "Thank you." And left the room.

The castle felt all the more silent after the storm I just got out of. And it did feel like that, a storm. I've seen some tornadoes on television and being with Faith made me imagine what it was like being in the absolute eye of the storm. Seeing all kinds of things pass by around you while you are kept in place, regardless of your desires.

Part of me wondered if it was permanent. Something inside of Faith had cracked, even I could feel it clearly. Confused and quite worried, I wandered along the corridors back to the living room. My mind had slowly formed a plan. One that wouldn't take much organising as long as I was on time.

It would be nice to hunt together with them again.

The living room was filled with laughter. Apparantly Afentis was keeping Rain cheerful again. As I got closer I heard them talking and, with a smile, I slowed my step. It was kind of cute, hearing Afentis talk like this. He was more human than I thought sometimes. Rain and Nuru were giggling in the background.

Afentis appeared to be telling a story. "And wouldn't you believe it, one of those roman soldiers must have been too heavily packed, because he fell over and couldn't get up again. Maybe that's where they thought up the idea of the turtle manoeuvre. He just couldn't stop squirming."

Rain laughed. "I wish my History teacher had stories like these, I'd have remembered a lot more!"

Afentis must have grinned. "Well, it helps having a vivid imagination. A lot of history is engraved in the earth, dreaming a little can make archeology a lot of fun."

Rain giggled softly. "I'd never thought of archeology as something fun before."

I was happy that Afentis picked up on hiding our nature from Rain. He just used his firsthand stories as dreams or imaginations from a time long past. Of course if you didn't know they were true, it sounded too surreal.

It made me smile.

I opened the door to the living room and went in, still wearing my smile. "It seems like you're having fun."

Rain nodded. "Afentis has the best stories ever. I wish my teachers were like him."

I laughed. "You've missed your calling, Afentis."

He smiled at me. "I doubt I have, Miss Amy."

Rain frowned. "Why did you call her Miss Amy?"

Afentis turned to Rain. "Oh, it's a bit of a joke really. Nuru here still calls her that sometimes."

Despite her skin, a gentle blush showed up on Nuru's cheeks. She looked down at the floor in embarrassment, unable to retort. Afentis just smiled at her, she knew he didn't meant it badly. It was still sort of a compliment, a tribute to my actions toward Nuru. Nuru... I had to give her an order of sorts so she would busy her mind here. And I had just the thing.

But first I had to ask Afentis.

"Can they stay here for just a while, while I solve some trouble in town?"

Afentis looked at me and thought for a moment. He looked from Rain to Nuru and back to me. Finally he nodded. "Alright." He glanced a final time to Nuru and back to me.

I noted his glance and nodded. "Nuru, will you come with me for a moment?"

She looked up at me from her blush and nodded demurely. She thought she was getting scolded. But I felt it was time to give her some responsibility so it gave her more chance to be herself. Sometimes I felt she was more subservient with me around, as I was her rescuer and she was indebted to me. Could I ask her something like that straight out? Perhaps another time.

She followed me into the kitchen and waited patiently until I turned around.

"Nuru, I want to ask something important from you. I have to go back to town to make sure they will never do anything like that again. But I can't leave Rain here alone. She can't know about all the vampire stuff, but there's no one here by day to be with her. So, can you please be with her and take good care of her?"

Nuru looked confused, this wasn't what she was expecting at all. Then she blushed and looked up at me in a sort of disbelief. Finally she nodded proudly. "Of course, Miss Amy. I will do my best."

I surprised her even more by giving her a soft peck on her cheek.

The blush stayed firmly put, a red glow to her dark skin. She touched my kiss with her hand, unsure what to think of it.

I just smiled. "I know you'll do well, Nuru."

She spoke very softly. "Thank you."