Chapter 220One of Nine - Pulling

The house was a simple one, just another family home for parents and children. Nothing special about the neighborhood or the house at all. The four of us stood before it for a moment, pondering what to do. We'd usually just barge in, killing all we saw but we wanted this to be different. No damage to the house, just to the people inside. We wanted everyone to be confused and revolted.

"Ring the door?"

One nodded. "Just one of us."

I smiled. "I will do it, I have a plan."

"We'll wait in the garden."

The three of them jumped up to the roof as silently as they could. In a way it surprised me we could be this well organized if we wanted to. Then again, Kryss had led us quite well, in a way. He taught us many thing about what the best way is to inspire fear and terror in someone.

Knowledge we were putting to use tonight.

I rang the doorbell, a man came from the living room and opened the door. It was still early evening, he wouldn't have suspected a thing.

He frowned. "Can I help you?"

I tried to put on a disarming smile. "Eh, hi. Sorry to visit at this hour, but I heard my sister came by here a few nights ago."

"Your sister?"

I nodded, I hadn't seen everything myself, but I was told everything in great detail. "Yes, she brought back your daughter I believe?"

He smiled. "Ah yes, I remember her."

I tried to look worried. "We haven't seen her for a while, could you tell me how she was and everything?"

The father frowned a little before he smiled. "Sure, come on in."

He led me to the living-room. This was much easier than I'd thought. Of course I was the weakest looking of the group, only eighteen years old when I was changed. So he probably assumed I was no danger. Of course, being a vampire meant I was much stronger and could do something he'd never expect.

Like knocking him out.

It took a lot of restraint not to rip his neck open immediately. But I wanted everyone to share in the fun. Alright, a little bite then.

I turned him around and ripped open his shirt, my teeth pierced the flesh on his chest and drank some blood close to his heart. It was even better than the neck. It was warm, full, hot. But... I had to stop.

I didn't want to stop, but if I killed him now the other would kill me... Well, they'd be annoyed.

The back door was unlocked from the inside, it was easy enough to open it silently and let the others in. We hadn't made a noise. The others saw the blood on my lips and dashed to the living room to find the man unconscious with a wound in his chest.

"Well, at least he's still alive." Said one. "Shall we take the mother as well?"

Another shook his head. "It's more fun to do her later."

We all smiled, we all took an arm or a leg and drank some of him, but none of us bled him dry. We wanted there to be gallons of blood around, we didn't care what we did to the father as long as it was gruesome.

We kept him unconscious as it would be easier if he made no sound when we were going to do this. All of us took hold of our respective limbs and pulled. A fun game! We pulled and tore them off his torso, one by one. Grinning like fools when the next limb released. Like a doll for us to play with. We threw t hem against the walls, making some noise, but not too much, grinning at the smears of blood that painted everything red.

Smears, drops, puddles. The blood was everywhere and hardly on us.

A communal satisfied nod made it clear we were all happy with the result. Time to get the mother.

We'd heard her upstairs and we were surprised she hadn't reacted on the noise. It didn't matter. We had two options here, sneak upstairs and surprise her or...

One of us, the fastest of us, ran upstairs the fastest he could and knocked her out. He signaled us from the top of the stairs, we were going up. Besides some bumps of the limbs against the wall, we hadn't made any noise. This was actually fun! No one would expect what they'd find here. No one!

The mother wasn't anything special, pity. It was so much more fun to tear up a good looking woman. She wasn't ugly as such, just mundane. We didn't drink any blood from her, just bit her a few times for effect. It wasn't that we had our fill, there just wasn't as much blood in her as there was in the father. We took her limbs and tore them, revelling at the blood splashing everywhere. We even used the stumps as brushes to spread the blood even more. They didn't last long though. With the mother we even went through the trouble of breaking her limbs apart, she was so frail it was much easier to do so.

Almost like a work of art.