Chapter 229Bite of Idenity

Kai and I walked away from the building onto the streets, slightly aimlessly wandering until we both decided we should get back to Khuna and Valerie. The adrenaline still fueled my senses, making me slightly shaky and tremble in anticipation for the fight tomorrow. I'm not violent at all, but this gave me the feeling I could put something right, restore the balance.

We only talked when we were a long way away from the building. They weren't following us, I would have heard their slow heartbeats from a long way away.

Especially now.

"Kai, do you need much time to prepare?"

He shrugged. "Not really, I will have it all long before midnight tomorrow."

I smiled. "Khuna and Valerie will be so surprised and happy to see you again!"

He blushed a little, so cute. "Eh, I guess. I've just been too busy."

"Were you looking for Janus?"

He nodded. "Yes, but in all the wrong places. After what you said, I finally realized I knew him all along. I've been so stupid..."

I frowned. "Yes, you said something like that and you didn't sound happy with it at all."

His expression changed to that of a hurts in his past. What was wrong?

"No... I've had problems before... Before I was a vampire. It wasn't something that many people believed in."

Now I was confused. "I don't understand..."

Kai looked at his feet while walking, probably to avoid looking me in the eyes. "It's so hard to explain. It's like having a twin that no one knows about. Everyone holds you responsible for his actions, but there is no way you really are. When I turned, that all went away. Of course everyone who knew was left behind and anyone new didn't know. It was a nice fresh start for me, to be honest."

I shook my head. "I still don't understand, Kai."

He just rambled on. "Nothing happened for so long, I thought he was gone forever. But now it seems as if he's back and doing things against my wishes again."

I frowned. "Janus? But he's helped me, my parents and everyone."

Kai blinked. "But... Maybe he's changed as well. After everything he did... Or maybe he's another him... Different from the him from before. That could be it, but would the other still be there? Or did he change when Janus was created?"

He was just talking to himself now.

"Kai, you have to tell me what you're talking about, you're not making sense."

He looked at me. "DID."

I just looked at him, unsure what he meant.

"Dissociative Identity Disorder"

I tried to figure that one out. "He thinks he's someone else?"

Kai smiled and shook his head. "No, it's much much simpler. I've been so stupid, I should have realized it never went away."


Kai looked at me. Suddenly his expression changing from the always a little preoccupied looking Kai to the very serious look of Janus. It wasn't that he actually changed on the outside. But something in his stance, his expression, his eyes, changed so much it made me think and feel he was a different person.

"Multiple personalities."