Chapter 245Precise Power

The guy was still advancing and this time I felt some insecurity within him. He didn't expect me to be fast or strong at all and it must have come as quite a shock that I was. Strangely enough (to me) he tried to punch me in the exact same way as the first time.

This time I knew what to do.

I put my right foot a little back for extra support and then raised my hand to grab his fist. But instead of stopping it, there was something more fun I could do with it.

Pulling his fist further in the same direction, I swirled around while he fell forwards. He moved with such speed than when I was facing him again I could elbow him in the back, a satisfying bony crunch when they connected.

I wasn't exactly sure who was the one crunching, me or him, but it didn't matter now.

The nine winced as he smacked hard into the ground, face first. And they almost moved to help him. The moment was close now, I just needed to push them a little bit further... Or...

Would it work if I threw him into their group?

While he was down on the ground I looked at Kai and the others. I blinked on purpose and saw him nod. He knew what I meant. It was almost time to give them a hot surprise. Of course they couldn't see anything yet so I had to make the next few minutes very interesting.

I picked up the guy by the neck and lifted him up. He tried to punch me, easily dodged by turning my body a little bit. He immediately tried to grab my wrist at his neck, forcing me to let him go or face being thrown again.

He stood up and glared at me. He surprised me by making another sweep-kick but this time I didn't jump. I let myself be hit a little so I would turn in the air and punch his knee.

It looked like it hurt a lot.

He winced in pain and gave me a moment to punch him again, on his upper leg this time. Little details from biology classes flashed in front of me, which muscles to hit, where to hurt. While my feet touched the ground again, I planned my next punch was in an even more painful place. I aimed at the place where leg connected with the body, a weak spot just between the muscles and the pelvis. My fingers stretched I punched there as hard as I could.

He screamed out in pain.

This was enough time for me to grab his arm and leg and create some momentum by turning around.

All eyes of the nine, including the one in my hands, were on me. The timing had to be perfect. The eight looked like they could jump me any second, but they completely forgot about the three others. I turned around once more, leaning back as my speed increased and then let go of my burden.

He flew in a nice arc to the group, knocking them over like bowling pins and creating a big, clustered group of them. Now was the time.

I didn't have to say anything. Three glass bottles with a clear liquid inside arced through the air. My eyes picked up on a strange little device on or even in the cork. It was almost as if there was a trail of light following the bottles, a perfect thrown arc to the group of them.

In the corner of my eye I saw Kai holding a sort of small device, a remote?

The bottles smashed open on the group, spreading the slightly gooey liquid over all of them. Three crashes, three bottles.

Enough to cover all of them.

Some of them looked up, wondering what it was that was thrown on them. I couldn't exactly place the smell of what Kai had thrown on them, a little bit like gasoline but sweeter. Then there were overtones of sharp chemical smells, metals perhaps.

Time slowed down when I felt Kai smile behind me. He probably waited for this part of his life, where he could claim revenge on those that bullied him. In the corner of my eyes I saw him hold the remote and press the button.

The click echoed through the room like a storm.