Chapter 257Weary Words

Silence draped over the conversation like a thick tarpaulin, protecting us from the rain of possible tears perhaps. Afentis sighed deeply and looked at me with a fearful look in his eyes. He wasn't sure what to say and just let time pass us by. Fortunately Rain looked at us and defused the situation, a little.

"Is she sick?"

I nodded. "Her mind is very confused."

Rain frowned a little and looked at Afentis. "Can I see her?"

I looked at him as well. "Is it safe?"

He blinked, unsure of what to answer. "I'm uncertain. She doesn't appear hostile, quite the opposite in fact. But there hasn't been anyone near her that's warm..."

I knew what he meant. Warm blood... Afentis never looked like he needed to drink, but Faith had looked positively weak the last time I saw her. And with her mind wandering, there was no saying when she had last drunk. It wouldn't be very safe to put her in front of Faith.

Then I remembered the shower, and the cry in the rain. No matter how young she was, she did have some talents. And if she could find me in a city, perhaps she could find Faith and bring her back to herself. And I would be there to protect her.

Afentis appeared to have seen my decision and nodded softly.

"Are we going to see her?" Rain asked enthusiastically.

I smiled. "Yes, but I need to warn you, she really isn't feeling well. She could be aggressive."

Rain pouted. "But you'll be there to protect me."

I nodded. "I hope I can."

One last look at Afentis and a little nod confirmed it was okay to go. "I'll stay here." He spoke gently, he really didn't like being reminded of the state Faith was in. I felt sorry for him, he must love her very much.

Rain followed me through the corridors, it surprised her we were heading down a little. She looked around as if she hadn't been down here at all. Which was good. She didn't know anything of our nature then. I was still unsure what to do with her after this though, I was just going along with what happened but I knew that I had to make a choice some time soon.

The door to the room wasn't closed completely, it was as if Faith had opened it a little to welcome us in, strange. Rain and I got inside and to my surprise found Faith reading a book at the desk. She looked almost normal from here.

She still felt fractured though.

She didn't respond to our arrival at all and just continued reading. Rain walked over carelessly and looked over Faith's shoulder to the book she was reading. She blinked once or twice when she read the lines.

Rain finally realized what she was reading. "She's reading King Arthur!" She exclaimed proudly.

I giggled. "It says it on the top of the page as well."

Rain blushed a little, she didn't notice it and she was so proud of figuring it out from the text itself. I wondered, briefly, if she'd read it before. Faith hadn't responded to any of this, she just kept on reading as if we weren't even there. Rain was getting curious about that as well, she leaned over a little to look at Faith's eyes, smiling a little.

Rain looked up at me. "She doesn't appear to notice us at all..."

Faith looked up sharply, directly at me. She spoke quickly.

The trap has sprung,
but who has won?
Did anyone survive?
And now the chase,
a rooftop race.
Who will stay alive?

She looked at Rain.

Still alive, in fear no more,
Protected by the day
There is someone she knew before
That will show the leading way
But quench your thirst to wish to soar
The ground is where you'll stay

Then she continued reading as if nothing had happened.

Rain looked at me with surprise and wonder. "Was she talking about you and me?"

I nodded. "Yes and considering her state, she is probably speaking dreams and predictions."

Rain looked at me with wide eyes. "Really? People can do that?!?"

"Yes... Though I've only met one that could control it."

Rain looked surprised. "Her?"

I shook my head. "No, a little girl called Isabel."

Faith sprang up. "Isabel!" She exclaimed and turned to Rain, grabbing her and assaulting her. It happened so fast it took me completely by surprise and before I knew it her teeth had sunk in Rain's neck.

Drinking her blood.