Chapter 259Honest Heart

The taxi was comfortable enough as the streets went by. The driver didn't really talk much, something I appreciated tonight. Rain was still unconscious, but she was looking peaceful and quiet. No one would expect she was anything but fast asleep. There were some things that I still needed to work out. One of them is what I would tell the police officer.

The most obvious one was about Rain's current state. But that was relatively easy. She was a deep sleeper and she had been tired, obviously. Of course I would have to try and wake her before I left because it would probably scare her too much to wake up in a strange environment without me nearby.

Would she remember what happened?

I hoped not.

The next issue was that of where Rain should stay. My sights were set on the police guy knowing a place where she could stay or arrange something with her family. If I was honest, I wanted her to be out of my life. Not because I didn't like her, but because I did. It was dangerous for her to stay close to me or connected somehow. Part of me felt it was vitally important that she lived a normal life again.

I had messed with enough lives as it was.

There was something else as well. Part of me wanted to return to the guy I talked with and tell him the nine had perished. But I couldn't tell him, really. To explain why they perished and how, I'd have to tell something about who I was.

There was something interesting about him though.

He had a sort of curiosity that was very like mine. Keeping open thoughts about clues and trying to connect the dots logically, however strange. Also, he put some weird kind of trust in me before, would he do it again?

The taxi arrived at the factory and let us out, Rain was still out. I payed the driver and told him I didn't need him anymore. After I picked up Rain in my arms I walked to the entrance and was stopped by a guy in a grubby grey suit, another standing next to him a little more at ease.

He looked at Rain with a frown. "Where are you going, Miss?"

It suddenly occurred to me that the guy never told me his name. "I'm here to see someone, a detective or something that questioned me a three days ago."

The guy looked at his partner. "Got a name?"

I sighed. "I'm Amy Taylor, but I don't know the name of the detective. I'm sorry."

The other guy poked the fist one and whispered. "I think she's looking for Leo, I'll go ask him."

The first guy nodded and looked at me. "Please wait right here, Miss."

The stupid thing was, they hadn't even responded to me holding Rain. We were still outside the factory so it was becoming quite annoying and not a bit weird for a girl still to be carrying another girl. But the guy looked a little thick, to be honest. Not that there was any better place to put her.

The other guy returned. "You can come in, Miss. Mister Heart will see you now." He looked down at Rain. "Shall I take her?"

I nodded. "Yes, please. She's such a deep sleeper and she's getting heavy." I tried to put on a disarming smile.

The man smiled kindly and took her from my arms. He led the way through the factory where things seemed a lot quieter than last time. He laid her down carefully on a bench and pointed me to an office. It wasn't a room like last time but an office 'Mister Heart' actually worked in. He looked up at me with quite a bit of surprise on his face.

"Good evening, Miss Taylor."

I smiled. "Good evening, Leo Heart." Something clicked in my mind. "Lionheart?"

He shrugged. "My parents thought it was clever, at least it's a strong name. Where did you hear my first name though?"

I nodded to the other guy that still stood at the door. "He whispered it to the other guy at the door."

Leo smiled. Again he showed a sort of nod, acknowledging my attentive prowess. He turned to the guy at the door. "It's alright Stan."

The guy nodded and headed off. Leo took a sip of his coffee and looked at me for the longest time. He opened a drawer and took out a notebook, briefly I wondered if it was the same as the last time. Very likely, it wasn't like it was used up already. But would it still have the pages attached?

He opened the notebook and put it on his desk.

"Now, Miss Taylor, let's pick up where we left off."