Chapter 269Suckling to Sensual

When I arrived at the cart, Cian and Muirgheal stood ready outside, with open arms, so to speak, and a smile. Now that my eyes were that much sharper, I noticed a strange glint in their eyes. It was not unlike the man and, I thought, not unlike my own either.

Cian spoke first. "I see they've embraced you, I will go, Muirgheal will show you what you need to know." He looked at me and, for the first time, smiled at me with a truly friendly smile. "And give you some clothes."

It was odd feeling this sort of familiarity from a Master... But that wasn't it, was it? I was no longer a servant, but a Master myself. Yet, I was intelligent enough to realize that being a Master was not what they meant with 'show you what you need to know'. Regardless, Cian left and walked back inside the corridor I just came out from. Muirgheal looked at me with kindness and opened the door to the cart.

Muirgheal spoke, it was one of the first times I heard her voice. It was warmer then, filled with emotions. "Please step inside and take the clothes we put ready for you. Don't put them on yet, we're going somewhere else first."

I nodded and spoke back. "Thank you for this."

She smiled. "Don't thank us just yet."

When I looked inside of the cart, I was surprised to find nothing special. I wasn't sure exactly what to expect, but it was much simpler and more sober than I had anticipated. Not that they had skimped on the fabrics themselves, as the benches were soft and very nice to touch, but somehow it was only 'needed' luxury. Almost no useless frills. A little like the clothing. It was really fine woven wool, much softer than the cheap linen I was wearing now.

Muirgheal smiled as she saw the wonder in my eyes and led the way to a stream a little behind the building. "Undress" She commanded.

I felt a little hesitant to bathe in the presence of a Mistress, but I realized I should step over these taught boundaries. To my surprise I realized they weren't rules, but just things I'd learned. And, even better, I could unlearn them as long as I stayed aware of things like I did now.

Muirgheal looked at my body, while I washed myself, with a somewhat... unusual look in her eyes. It wasn't hunger or lust, but a sort of admiration. And, if I was honest, the thing they did to me had made me so much better than I was before. As opposed to those that taught fencing or other physical activities, my body had always been slender and gentle. However, now that I felt stronger, my slender body had received the subtle definitions of muscle on my arms and legs and, combined with the softened lines in my face. I now looked like one of the drawings of one of the more intelligent gods.

When I heard a sound behind me, I woke from my thoughts to find Muirgheal next to me in the water.



A goddess.

Her body must have equaled that of Athene, she was quite tall for a woman and had long arms and legs that just drew you in. Then there was her chest, present and curved in the most luscious way possible. If one managed to look beyond that, there was a face that had lines softer than most women here and some freckles that almost looked out of place but they were the kind of imperfection that only served to enhance. Her emerald green eyes looked from her face with a calmness, intelligence and warmth that was so unusual for me. Then... lastly... her hair.

It was so strange for me to only notice it now. She kept it lightly braided before, but now it was all let loose, flowing freely over her shoulders into the water, spreading out like a flower around her. She was a goddess... And she was getting closer.

She moved through the water as natural as if she was part of it. Not a single reed appeared disturbed behind her and as she moved, she hardly caused a wake. She moved up to me and looked at me, straight in my eyes, who were level with hers. I was considered tall for that age, but this woman... She was as tall as me, her eyes... Her lips... Her body so close to me.

I wanted to touch her, but I felt paralyzed by her beauty.

She kissed me.

It all happened so natural our lips locking together as long lost lovers. But as we kissed her tongue scratched past my teeth, which felt much sharper, and cut itself open. At first I was worried... that is, until I tasted, felt, her blood running into me. Instinctively I did the same, felt the icy burning on my tongue as I cut it then the strange lightness as my blood flowed into her. We filled each other.

I had been with a woman before, but never like this. Though it was a completely different feeling, there was an intimacy, a bond that was... unreal.

While we were connected with our lips, her hands pulled me closer in a warm embrace, her body such a sweet contrast with the cooling stream. I felt how my body responded below the water, pressing itself against her, between her legs. She moved her legs, allowing me to flow into her below the water as well as above. It was such an unusual connection. While it'd be the focus of attention at any other time, now it was nothing more than an 'aside' to the connection already made.

She stopped when I became dizzy, it was so intense. Never had I felt this way with a woman before. Or even myself. A serenity that coursed through me like a river. A firefly in the night, a star on earth. A god and a goddess...



Afentis's words had shared such warmth and pleasure, my hand had fallen down to my legs and almost made me sit up in fright and shame when I realized he'd stopped talking for a moment and looked at me. Both of us a blush on our cheeks, both of us sharing the moment, sharing the warmth. We never moved, staying seated opposite of each other, no matter how much the warmth connected us.

It was enough to know it was there.