Jul 2008

Chapter 276Dissaray to Denunciation

There was no time or indication of time in this darkness. The rain was pouring down my hair and body, my clothes heavy with the water. It couldn't have been that late yet though. The journey in the car had maybe taken half an hour and I'd gotten up not that long before. There was still time, I hoped. I wanted to rise up but realized that I didn't want Isabel to see this part of me. If she really was evil, it was better if she didn't know about what I could do.

"I'll be there." was the last thing I said before I ran away.

Isabel's voice was surprisingly clear over the rain as she started 'Singing in the Rain'. If my mind had been less filled with more pressing thoughts, it'd be a curiosity to find out how she even knew that tune. But I just ran and ran, faster than I should, through the rain.

There was no one on the streets, it seemed. Perhaps some homeless in a hidden corner of an alley, trying to hide from the pouring rain as much as possible. Inside there weren't many people either, cafes and shops were open, but desolate. Even the owners of it seemed bored by the rain. How long had it been raining then? All day? I would have loved to know, but not know.

I just ran.

Every step was a splash, as the curbs were wet with rain. While I ran though, I felt a sensation of lightness. My body created a sort of natural flow of movement where I didn't exactly fly, but ran much lighter than normal. Quite fast too. It might not have been a blur for people that saw me, but my movements were deceptively slow for the speed I was actually maintaining.

The streets passed me by as I made my way for Hitori's house. It was a beacon of light in the dark street when I walked in. Of course I noticed other houses with people awake in them, but somehow they felt less bright. I wanted to fly up and just step in there, join the warmth and brightness that it so alluringly offered.

I rang the doorbell. Nuru was the one opening the door, her dark skin such a strange contrast to the black outside world. She was much warmer without her color being that different. She looked shocked to see me standing out in the rain, completely soaking wet.

"Miss Amy! Come inside!"

But instead of running inside, I just walked calmly. I could get no wetter, so why would I hurry now. Each step on the stairs was accompanied by a squelch of my wet socks in my shoes. Nuru looked around, heading the way, worriedly every few seconds. She might think I was cold, but I was not bothered by any of that. I had to tell Hitori all that happened and I wondered what he had to say.

A fight... Maybe a fight between Isabel and Muriel? But that seemed unlikely. Isabel called herself the messenger. They're not part of the battle.

Hitori looked at me with surprise at first, then laughter when he saw I wasn't worried about my awful attire.

"Look what the black cat dragged in." He winked to Nuru, who was still looking at me with worry.

Hitori smiled. "Amy, get out of those clothes and tell me what happened."

I was already moving to undress when I thought of something, I probably would have to go out soon regardless. So getting dry clothes would be useless. But I didn't want to make his furniture all wet either. Of course, there were solutions for things like that.

"No, I'll have to go soon. Please do get a few towels though."

Hitori nodded and got several towels from the bathroom. He put two on top of each other on the couch so I could sit and gave me the two remaining ones, which I used to dry my hair and face real quick. Nuru kept silent as well, she wanted to touch and warm me, but she felt rightly that it wasn't the time. There were more important things afoot.

"I saw Isabel, she told me there will be a fight on top of a building soon. Midnight." I just realized I still didn't know what time it was and I glanced at the clock. Already eleven...

"Are you sure you want to go?" Hitori looked at me, his eyes implying I shouldn't be sure about this.

And in all honestly I shook my head. "No, but I feel something important is going to happen. Though I'm not sure about Isabel's part as a mere messenger."

Nuru spoke, in a quiet voice. "Don't go."

I trusted Nuru, a lot. If she said I shouldn't go, I should take it as a firm warming at the very least. I looked her directly in the eyes. "Can you tell me why?"

She shook her head sadly. "It will end in more tears than the sky is shedding."

I nodded and stroked her hand. I would have hugged her, but my clothes were still mostly soaking wet. "I trust you, Nuru. But I have to go. I'll take your voice as a warning though and will be extra careful."

I stood up and walked to the door. Hitori rushed to give me a kiss and a smile. "Good luck and be careful."

I nodded and went to the stairs. As I closed the door behind me I could hear Hitori talking to Nuru. I wondered if they knew I could hear them, but concerning the question, I don't think they particularly cared.

Hitori sounded worried. "Nuru, will she return?"

"Yes... but not the same." She sounded sad.

Those words kept echoing through my head as I walked down the stairs and out of the building below. They were still buzzing around as I walked the streets. A little less than an hour, without a clue where the others were. I turned to the inner city and started walking, slowly and in thought.

Not the same?