Jul 2008

Chapter 278Diligence to Daring

There was still the need, or want rather, for blood. I could go for another few nights without it, probably without feeling the thirst. But I did know that I was strongest just after I drank. And there had been some interesting events after the last time. It would be simplest to just head over to a random pub and drink someone there.

If I wasn't completely drenched.

Floating up in the air wasn't going to help much either, though it did make me feel free to go my own way. It wasn't likely to find anyone up here at this time of night.

Now, it may seem a bit odd, but just after thinking this, I seriously checked all around for any possible being. My night had been a cavalcade of irony so far and after a thought like that, you'd half expect fate to serve up yet another horror to consume. The skies, however, were clear of any horrors, phantoms, spirits, vampires or other possibly flying creature. Even birds didn't go out in this rain. Which made perfect sense, actually.

I had the skies all to myself but chose the ground for now.

The streets were as deserted as the skies above them, but the playground not far from here wasn't. Sounds of laughter and coughs penetrated the rain and led me to a group of four... boys. They might have been eighteen or nineteen, but they were very much little boys. Just playing around, no responsibility whatsoever. They were drinking and smoking, a few beer cans resting emptily at their feet.

They spotted me, "Hey there babe, why don't you come join us?" The taller of the group motioned me to come closer with a beer still in his hand.

They were sitting in a lean-to, nicely sheltered from the rain. The ground, of course was grass and mud, completely wet, but they didn't appear to be the people who'd care or notice. The other were laughing in that stupid way that 'boys' do when one of their own says something hilarious to a potential target.

Let's see if I could turn this around.

I tried to add a little sway to my walk as I neared them, smiled with my sexiest smile (if only I'd practiced it more) and spoke like hot syrup. "I'm not sure... Do you think you can satisfy me?"

The guy blushed, hidden from his friends, and responded. "Watch out or you'll be addicted."

The others were cheering him on. "You go, bro!", "Yeaaaaah." and more of that silly stuff.

I was starting to see why Valerie enjoyed this. It was like dangling a carrot in front of a horse and watching as it started moving. At least my smile started to get more genuine, not because I liked him or anything, but because this was amusing. As long as I didn't do this too often.

"We'll see." I spoke as I stood right in front of him. "Close your eyes."

He looked at me with a bit of surprise, wondering if this was a good idea. But I was just a girl, right? Completely harmless...

He closed his eyes.

With a glance at his friends I kissed his cheek and then his neck, taking his blood easily. I tried to drain him fast, but not visible. It was almost fun to find that balance between something that was pleasurable for him but he could still stand. The alcohol and the lack of blood would take it's toll later, but all their friends saw was a girl kissing their friend with almost no words.

I felt the blood. Thinly laced with alcohol, not as much as I expected, and the bitter taste of cigarettes nearby. I made sure to only touch his neck as the blood flowed further. Something in the taste of him made me realize he was very much a virgin, despite what his friends might think of him. Briefly an image of him trying to remember this moment later in bed flashed through my head. I put the thought away as quickly as I could. This was definitely something I didn't want to know.

The thick, warm blood filled me as well. Almost cooking in contrast with the cold rain from the outside world. I made sure it didn't last too long. I didn't need that much and I didn't want him to faint just after being kissed by a girl. I did have some kindness.

I let go.

He looked at me with dazed eyes while I spoke. "Hm... Not bad."

He tried to find his voice but failed, his friends just looked at the two of us with complete surprise. Things weren't supposed to happen this way. Cute girls, as far as I believed I was once, were not supposed to just walk up to you and kiss you. And I hoped I didn't seriously skewed their perception for the rest of time. I smiled, it probably didn't.

"Bye now!" I spoke cutely before leaving into the black night again.

None of them said a thing while I left. They simply didn't believe I was real.

Maybe I wasn't.

With a smile on my face I walked the streets once more, knowing that more time had passed and that I soon had to head up to the place of drama. I realized I'd never been up there myself, only Valerie and Khuna once while they were with Isabel. I'd never thought that much about it before. I assumed there was an entrance to the roof from the building, but shouldn't it be locked? Wouldn't the building be guarded?

Those strange thoughts followed me through the darkness. They were taunting me eagerly.

But not enough to wipe my smile.