Chapter 286Fear to Faint

It was nice to see Afentis so far from his castle, but it did made me wonder for a moment about Faith. I presumed she'd be alright, else he wouldn't be here. Did he come looking for me, worried about what would happen? His timing could have been better though. Then again, the rain had been terrible, no one would have been able to easily find us on top of building, fighting in the dark.

"How did you find us?" I asked softly, breaking the silent spell between us three.

Afentis looked at me, finally averting his eyes from Muriel. "The fire... Was it Khuna and Valerie?"

I nodded silently, not wanting to say it.

"I'm sorry." He spoke softly.

"I want to go..." I didn't know exactly where, there was only one place left where I'd feel safe now. Arms that I required, love that I longed.

Afentis nodded. "He's waiting for you." He looked at Muriel and smiled softly. "You can come with me, if you like. I'm glad that Amy got through to you, she does have that annoying knack." He winked at me quickly.

Muriel finally found her voice. "I'm so sorry..."

Afentis's next move was not completely unexpected, but to see him like this was a wondrous sight that warmed the current coldness of my soul a little. He stepped towards her and gave her a soft kiss on her cheek. He smiled as he stepped back and looked into her eyes.

And, even though he spoke in Latin, somehow I could perfectly understand his words. "You are forgiven and welcome in my house."

Muriel replied in another language, Gaelic I presumed, which was impossible for me to follow. But the way that Afentis was smiling, I presumed she said yes.

Afentis looked up at me and spoke one single word. A word so often inflicted with different meanings. But this time it was full of love and warmth, wishing me the best until we saw again.


I simply nodded and left the two of them, rising up and moving over the dark city with a surprising speed. But I wasn't paying attention. All my being was now focused on one thing, reaching Hitori.

It took all the willpower I could muster to not crash in through the windows and into his arms. Neatly I pressed the doorbell, patiently I waited until Hitori opened the door.

"Amy?" He spoke tiredly.

I just pressed myself against him, forgetting about my soaked clothes, and held him tight. All the tears were coming now, all the thoughts of tonight were finally flowing through. They were dead.

"They're dead..."

Hitori, thankfully, didn't ask a thing but just hugged me back, holding me as tenderly as he could. With, it felt, surprising ease, he lifted me enough to step back through the door and close it behind us. I barely realized it.

They were dead...

Khuna, the one who had taught me everything in the beginning. Who had kept me from killing from the start. The one who'd been at my side so many times, gone. One whom I had cared for so much... So much I still wasn't sure if I loved her or not. I knew she was in my heart, close to where Hitori was, but how exactly I would never see.

Valerie, the stranger of the two. Playful and very sensual. She knew what she had and how to use it. But her history was dark, tainted by her own horrible desires until she controlled them. And she confided in me, she was a dear friend that I could depend on.

I released Hitori and walked the stairs to his apartment almost like a zombie, completely numbed. Nuru was on the sofa, playing cards or something on the table and she looked up with a smile on her face until she saw my expression.

The smile vanished.

Before she even got up, all the tears, all the emotions, was just too much.

I fell over, just crying. Closing my eyes and not knowing what else to do. I cried and I cried beyond the border of sunrise.

And I slept.