Chapter 290One of Nine - Life

I was trying to find Khuna, Amy or Valerie. There was some worry in how Khuna got away a month ago, jumping into a window. But I heard she made it alive. Why did she defy me so? We both knew it was meant to be. No matter, if it came to that, I could try and force her or just find someone else.

Valerie wasn't much of a threat either. Though she was stronger than Khuna, she rarely displayed or even used any of her strength. She wasn't the type to fight, she just ran. Girls just want to have fun... At least she did.

But Amy... She was a problem, in more ways than one. It seemed that Khuna cared rather a lot for her and was almost forgetting about me because of her. Not good. And she defied me, successfully. She had been smart enough to see what I did to Khuna and learn from it almost immediately. So she was intelligent. Also, she was new... It always takes a while for new ones to accept my rule over the city.

The rest, the nine, were following me. It always felt good to be the leader of the pack. The hunter, the head wolf. No one challenged my position nowadays, I'd proven myself many times over. And, in fact, it had been quite some while since I last had to replenish my ranks.

"Kryss, we're not going to find her that easily."

Sigh, it was annoying to have intelligent people among them sometimes, stating the obvious. But it was necessary.

"We're just going to keep looking. Amy has walked this city without fear for long enough."

I wasn't sure yet what to do when we did capture her, but it would probably enough to just scare her. I wasn't too keen on killing someone that Khuna cared for. It would only make things harder. But we'd see.

"Kryss, over there."

One of them had seen a girl, standing lonely on top of an office in the distance. It was too far away to be sure it was anyone, but her white clothes let me think it was Amy.

It wasn't.

As we came nearer, it was obvious it wasn't any of the ones we knew, but a little girl with a backpack on her shoulders and a faint smile on her face. Something about her made me think twice about how dangerous she could be. My instincts told me not to take her for granted just yet.

"Surround her, but stay at a distance."

We all jumped on the roof she was on and I noticed how she stepped back to the center of the roof, allowing us to surround her. It was strange, but she didn't appear to be in the least bit intimidated. Even though ten guys surrounded her, looking menacing. Who was this girl?

"I am Isabel, you're looking for Amy, right?"

I blinked and stepped forwards, she had taken the initiative. "We might, why are you here."

She smiled, something was horribly wrong with it. "To guide you to her, obviously."


She shrugged. "If you don't want it, that's fine. I'll just leave."

She turned around and walked towards the two opposite of me. Strangely enough, they didn't move to grab her, even when I gave a nod to take her they still didn't move. Their eyes betrayed it wasn't voluntary. So she wasn't to be trifled with, alright.

"Alright, I'll listen."

She turned around just before she stepped between the guys. But what was she going to do, jump off the roof? She probably knew I would be too eager to know.

"She's that way", She pointed past the city center, "about a hundred roofs. She'll be unconscious if you're fast enough. Otherwise you'll have to chase her."

I blinked, I knew, somehow, she was telling the truth. But I had to choose now; Go after Amy or find out who this Isabel is.

This little girl could wait. The chance of finding Amy at such a disadvantage was rare enough to take it.

"Where exactly?"

She smiled. "Just head directly for the old district, you'll find her."

After another angry glance, I motioned for the others to follow me. They hesitantly did, the two who had been 'frozen' even more hesitant than the others. But they knew what we were out to do tonight. Little girls, even annoying ones, could wait.

As we jumped from rooftop to rooftop, the anger and annoyance of the conversation just now started to fade and be replaced by the thrill of the hunt. We were about to find her, powerless and ready to be in our grasp. That little thorn in my side that was about to be removed.

Amy... I'm coming for you.