Chapter 298A Thread Resonates

Kai calmed down after a while, his tears not flowing as fast anymore. When he released me his expression was almost apologetic. As if he would have insulted me by showing his tears. Of course I just smiled back at him with all the warmth I carried within me now.

"It's alright." Those words felt the right thing to say.

He nodded softly, smiling a little more. "Thank you."

Kai returned his gaze to the water and the bridge. He appeared calmer but still not entirely at ease. There was one question I felt important.

I spoke softly. "How do you feel towards Muriel?

The question seemed to surprise him. "I don't know. I haven't met her, but if I do... I don't know... I guess I'll feel sad in remembrance of all that happened. But I don't feel any anger towards her. She was being led as much as we have been."

Those words brought a smile to my face. "I'm glad for that."

He nodded.

Silence once more, but it was a nice silence. One filled with peace and calm. I suppose I've said all I wanted to say to Kai and that he'd be fine on his own for now. I really wanted to return to Hitori and rest... Rest for so long.

Maybe even go someone deep underground and rest for a week, or a month... Or longer?

It was a strange thought. Of course I wouldn't do so before I went to Hitori and talked to him. If I did do it, take a long rest underground, would he mind? Would he forgive me?

Kai looked at me sideways. "You look as if you could use a rest."

Heh, irony. "I do. I'm thinking about it."

"You've slept below the earth before, haven't you?"

I nodded.

"How was it."

I guess there was only one word I could use for it. "Safe."

He smiled. "Maybe I'll try it to. Valerie told me about it once, but I've never dared to try it."

I stood up. "Maybe you should." I winked a little. "I have to go."

He nodded and turned back to the river. We didn't need anymore words. All was well like this. I walked a few steps before I rose up and headed for Hitori. The last leg of my journey tonight? I suppose the last nights had been rather... active. But things come and go, I suppose. Like waves on the beach, the tide rolling in and flowing away. I was due an ebb.

The city appeared much quieter but still alive. As I landed nearby Hitori a little thought made me smile. Maybe I should ask for a key? If I was going to sleep underground it didn't matter.

I walked across the street to his front door and rang the bell. Hitori himself opened the door, but I already knew that as soon as I hear the footsteps on the stairs. Of course I had to hug him.

As I held him he spoke softly. "You'll never guess who called."

I suppose there was only one who'd call him. "Anka?"

Hitori laughed. "Yes, good guess!"

We released each other, allowing him to see the curiosity on my face. The last we knew of Anka is that she'd taken the witchcraft book, if that was it, with her. A moment passed and Hitori didn't seem forthcoming to quench my curiosity. I guess I was too curious.

I asked.

"Well, what did she say?"