Jun 2009

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It had been a long night, in several ways I guess, and I was very curious to what Seriph actually meant. Something in my mind clicked, however. Electronic espionage, subtle sabotage and perilous pinching. Rather than just security for herself, she might be running a security company of sorts.

"For yourself or a security company?"

Seriph smiled and winked. "Maybe."

"Are you going to stay cryptic like this?"

She nodded. "For now."

I shrugged. I was still somewhat in pain and wanted to rest. I was sure that I'd feel a lot better in the morning. At least Seriph didn't feel like fighting this time. Besides being in a serious disadvantage, it also might mean that the wound would start bleeding all over my nice clothes.

"Can I leave?"

She bowed politely. "Of course."

I turned around and headed for the door.

"Amy, I hope you don't find me too strange to suggest a werewolf?"

That question caught me a little off guard. "Not that much, it was just funny."

She smiled. "Vampire."


"You're a vampire."

I blinked, stopping myself from going 'why do you think that?' or 'how did you conclude that?'. She was far too clever to look through such obvious responses. They were about as useful as saying 'yes, I am'. There was not much use in trying to hide it too much.


"It would explain your speed, agility, seeing in the dark and your odd working hours. Though most of my requests wouldn't be done in daylight regardless. If you are one, I have a request for you personally."

"Which is?"

"Make me one."



Where could I start? Even if I was going to be outspoken on my vampirism, there were several reasons for me not to make her one. First, it would mean the last bit of my humanity, as I spread my inhumanity to others. Secondly, I wasn't even completely sure how it was done. It was probably by giving her a lot of my blood or something, but nothing concrete. And thirdly, she looked much too frail to be a vampire. Besides, if her senses already were heightened, wouldn't being a vampire drive her completely crazy?

"It's just... I don't want to lose who I am and I don't want to inflict it on others."

Her response surprised me.

"I can understand, I apologize for asking." She took a deep breath. "There are a few reasons why I ask, most of them selfish. My body is still frail in a sense and I'd like to live longer to see my empire come to fruition. And though it might mean even stronger senses, I should be able to better deal with them as well."


"Also, I assume vampirism won't mean you're unable to look at crosses, as I know this house has some, and I didn't hear or feel you shirk back as you walked through the rooms. Neither would probably some of the other silly things. I haven't looked, but there is no real reason why you wouldn't have a reflection for example."

She really did like using her mind.

"I really don't know. It's not something I want to do just like that."

Seriph bowed again. "Just remember it, I won't ask it again. I hope you'll heal well."

I nodded. "Thank you."

The room and the house were soon left behind me. Oddly enough, one of the first things that came to mind was not if I wanted to make her a vampire, but if Esmeralda was going to ask the same. I hoped not. She would only ask it like a new drug to try out. Not knowing it was something you couldn't revert.

Or could you?

A shiver went over my spine of the possible ways that scientist might to try and cure the 'disease' I had. In fact, if Seriph was of a slightly different nature, it would have been very dangerous. Of course, she had her own secrets and vulnerabilities. I suppose that made it more or less alright that she knew. I knew of her, she knew of me. Maybe it was a balance.

But why did I have the feeling something odd would go wrong soon?

The city was no comfort as I went towards home. It felt dark, bleak and dissonant with my existence. Even coming home was out of place somehow, but that feeling calmed down after a while. I undressed and went to bed.

It wasn't time yet, but I slept regardless.

These words weren't written at the end of the night, I was simply too tired. I almost felt guilty now, the next evening, when I got up, that I hadn't even had the energy to sit down and write. I'll try to avoid this in the future but I'm sure my dear diary will forgive me.

Otherwise I'll just bite it.

There are no bite-marks on these.