Apr 2016

5 Good Reasons Why Clickbait Articles Grab Your AttentionAnd why you still fall for it

Interestingly enough, clickbait articles (like this one), are quite common nowadays. What makes them tick? Why do people like them?

1. They provide easy-to-digest information

The stuff talked about in these kinds of articles is direct and to the point. Lists, like these, are even better. Since people subconsciously like structured information.

2. Strong opinions are good for discussions

Strong opinions are a good base for discussions and triggering comments. Everyone likes to see that they're right or prove that someone else is wrong.

3. Simple language allows for quick reading

In fact, with each point being very clearly defined, you don't even have to read the text below the header. So why are you reading this? You already know what's going to be written here.

4. Limited points gives a clear sense of time

A structured list, like a top 10 or 5 reasons, gives the reader a very clear sense of how much of their time will be wasted by reading the article. Of course this format also allows some freedom. Why not go "one step beyond" and go for a top 11?

5. The final point gives a sense of closure

Another advantage of lists is that it's easy to see when you're done. You've read through them all, watched the whole list. Well done you!