Aug 2019

Audio File Safety - Keeping My Listeners SafeSharing my lessons

Wow... it's already been over 5 years since I started recording hypnosis audio files. The technical side of this (while still a lot of work) was relatively clear from the start. The more challenging subject has always been the safety of my listeners. While they are responsible for what they choose to do, I can choose what to put out there. And how to do it.

I wanted to take a moment to share some of the things I've done for the safety of my listeners and share the lessons I've learned over time.

I'd also want to ask anyone who feels that if there is anything missing or if there's anything more that I could do to improve your safety even more, please let me know.

Recordings I won't do

Firstly there are things I simply won't make as I (personally) feel that they cannot be made safely.

  • Fully open triggers - Way too easily abused. Making semi-open triggers ("only people you already trust") is much better.
  • Subjects related to hate/selectivism (sexism, racism, male supremacy, etc.) - Just no.
  • Physical/lasting harm - Anything that would possibly shorten someone's lifespan (like feeding).
  • Therapy - This should only be done by educated therapists, which I am not.

I think it's important to consider your own limits when you create (or listen to) files.

Don't let yourself be pushed into things you don't want to do!

Files for Safety

I made a category for this, to allow people to easily find anything related to safety. There are a few file types that I feel most hypnotists should offer:

  • Reset files - Files to remove suggestions and triggers. I made these before I started making the more intense files, since I wanted to give people the option to undo what could be done.
  • (after)care - Letting someone know that their reaction is valid and okay.
  • Memory Recovery - Something to help recover memories that were blocked/hidden, etc. - Intended mostly for hypnotically locked memories.
  • Safety Guidelines - Something to give people basic guidance and direction in how to do trance safely.

Site features

There are several things built into the site. Most of these were based on annoyances with other sites at the time I started this (2014).

  • A help page for beginners - This includes a short version of the safety guidelines and tips on how to listen safely/comfortably.
  • Details/Filtering - Files have a clear indicator of type (Gentle, Erotic, Kinky) and refinement in usage of arousal, obedience, etc. This allows people to select what they want and avoid surprises.
  • Warnings - Some files have a warning as they are especially intense or tricky.
  • Transcripts - A relatively new feature (it took me months to build). For most files you can view the full transcript of the file without having to hear the file.
  • No autoplay. - Audio files always require you to start them manually. Allowing people to read details/transcripts first.

Focus on anonymity

From the beginning, the site has been based on anonymity. I made a few interesting decisions for this. I don't know if they are the right ones for everyone, but because this is a niche fetish and not equally accepted everywhere, I felt it best to respect people's privacy from day 1.

  • Anonymous contact form - You can contact me without leaving a real email address. This allows anyone with compliments or concerns to share them without holding back.
  • No comments/social part - Enjoying the files is completely free of any social interaction, no comments, reviews, etc. This is both for privacy as well as avoiding bias. Your preferences are your own and nobody can or will judge.
  • No third party analytics - There is no remote cookies, facebook, google, etc. on the site.
  • Usage data is aggregated - Individual views are lost after a few days, all I can see is totals per file, not person.
  • No login/registration required for basic viewing/downloading - Outside of Patron supported files, you can use the whole site without ever needing to register, etc.

Final Notes

I'm not done. I still have ideas for additional features and files to improve the safety for my listeners.

It's been a very long journey and a lot of hard work to get here and I want to once again **thank you all** for your immense support and response!

If you can think of anything else, please let me know.

ps. If there is any interest, I wouldn't mind sharing the technical challenges as well at some point.