May 2009

Hero / VillainThe Name

Names can be really funny if you see them as superhero/villain names. Just place "The" in front of a surname and see what you would get with it. For fun and giggles, I've included some random actors (alphabetically). It's more fun if you actually know the actor as well and imagine them in a colorful suit.

The Bacon - "Do you want me to talk? No mister Bacon, I want you to fry!"
The Bale - Cries because he's manly.
The Bean - Strong, healthy and green.
The Bloom - Flower power!
The Cage - Fighting for justice and bets!
The Cruise - You're in for a bad trip!
The Diesel - Train protector.
The Freeman - Escapes from every trap.
The Grant - Always giving.
The Hackman - Chopping evil to bits.
The Kidman - A soft version of the joker, or a big baby.
The Murphy - Unexpectedly predictable.
The Pegg - Finding the right hole.
The Pitt - You will fall...
The Reeves - Leading evil behind the scenes
The Shatner - Toilets are involved somewhere.
The Spacey - Wow man... did you see those colors? Seriously groovy!
The Stewart - Attending to your culinary needs.