Feb 2009

PizzasHow to eat

Pizza, the delicious goodness from Italy that many in the world enjoy. Well, I certainly do. Especially in a good Pizzaria (Italian restaurant) with a proper Italian cook. (And yes, Pizzas are especially good in Italy, as long as you avoid the tourist trap restaurants.)

Anyway, I want to show how I eat them, as I have (I think) a very unusual but efficient cuts-to-portion ratio. And, as I like the crust as well as the center, my way means I eat alterningly.


Cuts are numbered in black, pieces in white. This method alternates between eating crust and center to enjoy maximum crunchiness and flavor.

Preperation - Get a pizza(duh) and cut it into 8 even slices by cutting 4 times through the center. This method also works fine on 6 slices for smaller pizzas.

Step 1 - Take a slice
Step 2 - Cut 1, a little below the crust.
Step 3 - Cut 2, one third of that crust.
Step 4 - Cut 3, the tip of the center - Eat 1, crust.
Step 5 - Cut 4, final cut in the crust - Eat 2, center tip
Step 6 - Cut 5, center in two - Eat 3, crust
Step 7 - Eat 4, center (doing step 1 to the next pizza slice)
Step 8 - Eat 5, final crust piece (doing step 2 to the next pizza slice)
Step 9 - Eat 6, final center piece (doing step 3 to the next pizza slice)

Well, I feel geekier than ever to actually explain how I eat pizza to the world, including diagrams. And it's very efficient, there are eventually 48 pieces for you to eat and you only have to cut 44 times. There is a downside, however, as you eat a few pieces each time that you didn't cut just before, meaning you have to move your fork. This depends on your cutting styles though.

This whole thing only applies in restaurants, of course. Fingers and teeth are much more fun tools when eating pizza at home.