Jun 2010

PlausibilityIt's logical!

One of my weirder and lesser known talents is that to make anything and everything plausible. No matter how strange or ridiculous. Of course it's just a simple culmination of broad knowledge and understanding of things combined with an ability to mix those things freely until something vaguely like logic remains.


Some random examples:

  • Lions mating with a cows - While a lion would normally avoid any creature that would diminish it's camouflage ability in the savanna, they have respect for the size and strength of a cow, therefore mating with it furiously whenever they get the chance.
  • Dogs taking over the world - Not many people realize that dogs have already begun to slowly take over the world by getting us to provide food, shelter and protection for them. They don't even have to take care of any medicinal needs, we do it all! Don't let them become our masters!
  • Eating much fast-food is good - As it diminishes both your sexual performance and lifespan, fast-food can be seen as a modern equivalent of Darwin's laws at work. With a little luck, we'll slowly weed all those people out.
  • Cars are evil - Look at a car, especially in gloomy light, does it ever look happy from the front? Those glowing eyes, the grilled teeth, the glass forehead with a human trapped inside? And of course they fail on us in the most horrible ways, making it the un-safest mode of transportation. Not even metallic pink can save them!

Think you have something that cannot be explained or is too weird to be true? Try me!

Oh, and be sure to read the comments, some people send in awesome randomness!