Apr 2009

Plot graphsAnd tension

There is a type of chart/graph that's called a plot graph. Where, instead of lines, data is represented by points, circles, triangles, mario sprites, whatever. But what about a "Plot" graph. A graph about the plots in movies. Maybe with plot-interest of the audience per minute, or something. Or attention-grabbingness per scene.

It'd be a very funny way to organize movies. Violence per scene, intrigue per scene, words per minute. Then compare movies that have the same graph and see if they really are alike.

Of course it's hard to judge some things, but it's best to keep genres out of it. They have nothing to do with the plot except perhaps give it a pre-set outcome. Drama's usually end bad, romance films good. War movies have guns, sci-fi movies too. But more advanced guns.

Where was I? Oh right, plot graphs.

Think about it.