Oct 2009

RamblingsA little sad

A sad note for a change. Usually what I think is neutral or somewhat funny. But this time I'd just like to share something that's been in my head the past few days.

Simply put. I feel alone. It's not that no one likes me or even loves me, but most people that do are either too far away or for other reasons not eligible. But what bothers me the most is not that, what bothers me is the simple lack of being unable to share most of the things I do.

What I want, and need, is someone to look at my work, my creations, critically and tell me what she really thinks of them. And to be able to hug that same person for doing so. Perhaps even kiss or more. And I'd want that same person to be equal in the sense that she creates her own things. That I can share in her activities and she in mine.

Someone crazy enough to dance naked with me in the rain or seriously look at a movie from the 1920's in curiosity and awe. It's so hard to explain what I really want. I have the simplicity of the wish in my head, but it's not easy to find.

Forgive my sad ramblings for a change. To me, love and friendship are rare things to find and I consider myself lucky any time I do find someone that matches.

I'm sure I'll think of something funny again tomorrow.