Feb 2010

Strange dreamLand of rainbows?

Last night I had a dream. Well, I always have dreams, usually multiple in one night, but last night's dream was a bit different. In the dream, I had a sort of flirting and intimate companionship with a rather feminine looking guy.

The weird thing is that in the dream, I thought he was a girl at first, even though his voice gave him away. At some point I even saw him naked. My thoughts were rather interesting, it was long the lines of 'ah, so he is a guy. Well I'd better not reject him, as that would be too harsh in this situation'. I mean, we were naked after all.

The dream itself wasn't that special, hot or adventurous, but it did get me thinking. The first question that popped into my mind (and has been asked me a little too many times to be comfortable) was: "Am I gay?"

To be honest, it's a bit of a non-debate for myself. Regardless of my nature, I don't physically like men. I don't find them repulsive, just not that interesting. It's not difficult to see if a man is good-looking or in shape or not, but no arousal results from those kinds of facts. As visual as I am, I suppose it's rather funny that a woman has to be more than 'just naked' to arouse me as well. But I digress...

It's common knowledge (to some) that I am not set to a strict sexuality. Still, dreams like this are incredibly rare for me and did have me thinking.

Then again, I like thinking...