Nov 2008

Chapter 54Assailed

For some reason I wasn't as groggy as before after the other dreams. As soon as I opened my eyes I realized a few things; It was the middle of the night, Deirdre's arms were still comfortably around me and someone was trying to get into our room by the window. I tried to remember the shape of the building. Our window was just one on a wall, high up. So there would hardly be anywhere to grab on to. The walls of houses here were stone and, with the masonry craftsmanship involved, a lot harder to climb. Would anyone be stupid enough to use a ladder to get in here?

I had no time to think on it, the burglar already succeeded in opening the window and stepped into the room. Hardly making a noise. His feet must have been covered in something to prevent sound. Yet it didn't really sound like someone was trying to be overly quiet. It was more like the person was used not to making noise.

A whisper. "Sun and moon, are you awake?"

The satyr? I sat up but found that light was too weak to show nothing but a silhouette. It did look a bit fuzzy around the legs though. "Who?" I tried to make my voice as soft as possible.

The satyr thought about his words. "We are safe now. You have our and her thanks."

I smiled. He was saying things that only I would understand. I nodded, but realized it would probably go unnoticed in the dark. "Good."

He turned around and said one last thing. "Thank the other sun and moon too."

"I will."

He left the room and closed the window politely after him. I wondered if Deirdre had woken up in all of this, a question soon answered. Deirdre moved in my arms and turned around to look at the window. Of course I didn't know how much she'd heard or how long she had been awake.

"You heard it?"

She nodded, it was so close I could feel it. "Most of it."

"Well, you have their thanks."

"I'm glad. Why do they call us both sun and moon?"

To be honest, it wasn't something I'd thought about a lot, but they used the name rather consistently. "I don't know. Maybe because we're their guides?"

I couldn't see her expression, but her voice sounded thoughtful. "I don't know. If it means what I think it does..." Her voice trailed away.

It had me curious. "What do you mean?"

She shook her head, her hair tickling my chest. "No, it's nothing. We'll talk about it when there's less sleep to be caught."

I smiled. "Sleep well my fair one."

Deirdre snuggled against me and smiled. "Good night my knight."

After pulling the blankets over us again and laying down comfortably against Deirdre, I realized the whole dream was still undiscussed. Though it could wait to tell it all, I wanted to simply say I had another dream. For some reason it felt important. It must have been a minute or two later when my thoughts unwound enough to ask her.

"Deirdre?" I whispered ever so softly, my lips already close to her ear.

"Mhmm?" She responded lazily.

"Another dream, I drowned in rain after I flew."

"Air to water, one sister remains." But her voice was so distant that it felt as if she was already dreaming.

"What do you mean?"

But no answer came. Deirdre, as tired as I was, had already drifted from consciousness to dreaming. I wondered where the answer had come from, mentally tossing and turning until I let it go. I knew there were still a good few hours before daylight came and that it was important to be well rested for the next day. It was exciting for me to see more about Deirdre's past.

It made me wonder if I should show her some of my past. I almost wanted to show the world that this was the girl I wanted to be wi... I almost scared myself with the thought. Why was everything so intense the past week? There was a storm on the horizon, I felt. Besides all the strange things happening, it felt as if the people were dying to find another cause to relieve their aggression. There was a tension that needed a release.

It was dangerous.

A whispered word, almost dream-like from Deirdre, called me back to sanity. "Sleep."

For some reason, the word carried with it harmonics and vibrations that almost immediately erased most of the worries from my weary mind. After a deep breath most of my thoughts were momentarily calm again, allowing me to drift away. To sleep.

A calm sleep.