Jan 2009

Chapter 79Of Touch and Tension

We were still in the forest, out of sight from anyone. Even though it wasn't far out of the city, it was secluded enough for me to dare to kiss her. I'm not sure why I felt hesitant about doing it in town. Maybe because I was on my toes when I was in town. Always looking out for us because of the crowded feeling. But now...

I turned and kissed her.

It brought a small smile to my lips, still connected to her, when I felt her surprise. I wrapped my arms gently around her, holding her close so I could feel her. My eyes closed automatically, dreaming away on this simple, intense moment.

I started to feel the elements around me.

There was a Light growing inside of me, that I connected between the two of us. It made everything stronger, more intense, more sensitive. And it started to reflect between the two of us. With my heartbeat, a soft wave of Light passed from my lips and my hands to her. The next heartbeat it returned from her, stronger, with the sensations of her body with it.

I felt the warmth of my lips on hers, the heat of my hands and arms around her back. But it went much further than that. I could feel the air going through her nose into her lungs, the strange lightness with each breathe in, the weight when she breathed out. It was as if I was inside of her body. Even my eyes felt strange, with the darkness of eyelids in front of them where I wasn't sure that when I opened them I'd see her or myself through her eyes.

And, curiously enough, I had the feeling she felt the same.

That she could feel me.

Her breasts pressed against my chest, despite the layers of clothing in between. Her breath into my mouth, her soft lips on mine. I was sure she felt it all, felt the Light between us, strengthening our senses, our experience.

And it was just a kiss.

It felt like an eternity ago since I touched her like this. Time passed so quickly with all of this going on. We were doing things much too important for us to even have to think about. But sometimes you just didn't have a choice. Things happen as they do.

Just accept it.

Like a kiss.

Just a kiss.

We let go at the same time and opened our eyes again. The moment was still tender. I had no idea what to say, but that was alright. Nothing needed to be said. My fingers were still a bit tingly from the experience just now. Every movement I made, even breathing, felt like it had an echo. I wondered if she could still feel it.

But the distance, even though we were standing right in front of each other, was enough to make it felt intensely. That we were separate again.

My mouth filled in the silence. "Yes, we are lucky."

Deirdre smiled kindly and took a long breath. "Did you do that?"

I took a deep breath as well. "Eh, no, it just kind of happened."

I wasn't even completely sure if I did anything at all. Either my body might have reached out for her or something intuitive... It was very rare for Magic to be focused accidentally though. But, I supposed with all the stress of my dreams, the twilight cult and the council I was lashing out with my emotions where I could. Not that I minded it if they did this more often.

Deirdre, however, smiled kind of strangely. "You don't have to apologise."

I blinked. "What?"

She smiled a little more. "I'm teasing you. It felt quite extraordinary. Do you remember how you did it?"

"I-I'm not sure. I think I do, but it's not easy."

She shrugged. "Well, do you know anywhere around here we can swim? It's still a long while before you have to go back to the Masters and I'd love to feel water again."

Now that was a good idea. "Hmm, I think I know the place."


I smiled. "Not that far from here. But we'll need to get back to the path first."

Deirdre smiled back. "Lead the way."