Feb 2009

Chapter 97Darkness Comes


Darkness grew and took me in...

I half expected the girls to be there and laugh at my predicament. But they weren't there. I was all alone, in a void of darkness that was all around me. My body just felt cold. Disjointed. Disconnected.

I could still feel my body. The beating of my heart. But it was so far away and not my own. There was still a warmth though. Like a fire from a hearth, many memories warmed my spirit and carried me with them. Especially the times I've had with Deirdre.

I felt sad.

And alone.

I missed her.

But there wasn't time.

It wasn't magic that took me, just the lack of any and all magic from me. All the elements would leave me in time, starting with life. I was in between states now. I knew I was still alive, knowing where I was. But I also knew it was a place I could not be for long.

Nothing but darkness.

No time.


Yellow eyes that were like stars in the night. Faint but clear to see with the darkness around them.


Faint, pale lips that expanded into a womanly face I didn't recognize. Slowly, a beautiful, goddess-like woman emerged from the darkness. She was beautiful, clothed in light white cloth that floated around her as if she was submerged in water. Her hair, silver and long, moved flowing behind her with every small move.

She was smiling.

"No." Her voice both soft and horribly loud at the same time.

"This is not your time." There was a kindness to her voice, but one that scared me as well. It was a kindness that could be edged with knifes and swords. A kindness that would 'help your passing' as swiftly as possible if she so desired.

Light came.

First it was small, far away. Not a star but a little candle. Then another, and another. Soon all around me candles blurred together into larger flames, stronger light. I felt some warmth in my body again, and the pain that came with it.

The pain in my side, my chest. Each beat forcing more blood out of it. The clarity of before faded as my mind was once again limited by my body. Dizziness and pain confusing my senses.

But it was diminishing. The beat of my heart moved to a steady pace, feeling secure in pumping my blood around again. It was like music to my ears.

Slow, steady beats that no longer appeared to lose their stride. Was my body mending?

More Light filled me, made me stronger, more alive. The life that I almost lost, was returned to me in full. It felt warm, safe, sweet. I could not remember ever feeling so good except for maybe one moment before.

I could feel my body well now. I was on my back, someone was pressing hands against my chest. There weren't many sounds around me that I could hear, but it was enough. It was enough to make me feel alive again. Back in the world.

I opened my eyes.