Apr 2021

Dollmaker ShopA place of work.

Inspiration from when I was recording: Porcelain Doll Repair

The central desk is empty, as that is where the repairs would take place.

The scene is much bigger than I show here, there are still drawers below, a stool to sit on and a closet on the right. The whole room is modeled with the window and door all being correct. This is also the first time I've used real-world measurements for all the items in the scene, so no mistakes with proportions.

Everything was modeled by me and all the textures are procedural and also by me. Initially no more than a basic, white room with a white desk. Then adding more items and slowly filling it in. Texturing and lighting was done last. The whole process took almost 2 weeks.

Large resolution render (big!)

Rendered with:

  • Blender 2.9.2 - Cycles - Full resolution took almost 9 hours.