Sep 2007

A Golden Moment 3treasure always

It was early morning. My eyes opened to the light creeping through the curtains. I wanted to hold you, remembering your hesitant words of earlier. That you may not allow me near in the light.

I saw you awake, looking at me and turned to you. I wrapped my arms around you and said in all honesty you still looked beautiful. I kisses you ever so softly on your cheek, knowing a kiss on your lips would be too much just yet. You even turned away slightly until you realized I did not aim for your lips directly.

I simply held you and caressed your back, feeling as you slowly started to move your own hands as well. Relaxing once more in my arms. I gave you another kiss, telling you again of your stubborn, sensitive beauty. I smiled as you looked into my eyes. Letting you know it was all alright. No one judged you here.

My fingers followed their own path over your shoulders, back and bottom. Caressing gently with as little pressure as possible they touched as much of your skin as they could. My lips closer and closer to yours until you let me. Returning my kiss warmly. Another kiss, even more intense allowed your lips to open to mine, our tongues softly touching each other.

And another, our tongues dancing again like they did during the night. My fingers moved along your lower back and bottom, even following the line between your lovely shaped behind.

You warmed up to me more then you expected. Somewhere in the back of your head I could still feel your surprise. I was not supposed to like you in the light, not supposed to see your beauty as clear as day. It was a gentle confusion that faded away more with each kiss and caress.

I gently pushed you on your back, my fingers slowly moving towards your breasts, teasing them lovingly. I kissed your lips and lay down on your left, with your left arm under my right. My fingers moved all over you, caressing your stomach, your legs and close to your entrance. With my right arm I gently held yours. You could hardly move this way, but you were not held against your will.

My fingers touched your lips, feeling how wet and warm it was even before my fingertips even came close. One slid between your folds of flesh all over your clitoris, feeling your surprise and pleasure. You let yourself slowly drift away into that pleasure, allowing my feet and legs to hold yours. I almost pinned you to the sheets but in the most gentle way while my fingers touched that place you wished to be touched.

Sliding my finger over your clitoris and sliding down again to your entrance made your back arch each time. Your breathing became faster with my hands rhythmic movements. You loved being held like this. Not because it stopped you from movement, but because it stopped you from doing anything else but feel all I did to you. You surrendered to my touch willingly and even asked me with your body to go on. To give you more.

I moved from lightly touching you to touching you more intense. I no longer slid all the way down to your entrance but kept my finger sliding all over your clitoris and between your lips. Your body seemed almost frozen with desire and I kept on moving my fingers.

To tease you I slid them in once or twice, but only very quickly, teasing pleasing. I knew it broke the rhythm, making you desire more and more that release that seemed so close and yet so far. My finger moved over your clitoris, sliding easily over the fluids flowing out of you. Over and over it slid over that sensitive little button, a simple caress repeated.

I moved in a quicker pace smoothly, feeling you getting closer and closer to your edge. I wanted you to feel it, that ultimate desire for release. Surrendering completely, even if only for one glorious moment.

My finger moved on, keeping up the rhythm as you were creeping to the edge. Slowly, each move a bit more. Then you stood at the edge of oblivion. Almost wide eyed for that moment before you fell in. Complete surrender.

You came, your voice screaming out in pleasure and your body tensing uncontrollably. You never moved out of my grip, never tried to. The pleasure taking you far beyond anything you felt before. My fingers keeping up their rhythm to guide you along.

Wave after wave of orgasmic tension and pleasure flowed through your body, from your fingertips to your center and back again. Reflected like an infinite echo through your body. You voice faltered when the last wave faded. Still feeling your whole body tingle with excitement and pleasure you silently lay in my arms.

I teasingly said you apparently liked being held like this. You merely smiled.

I held you in my arms again while you regained all of your consciousness back from the abyss. Your hands absentmindedly caressed me, holding me close as we shared this moment of intensity.

It happened almost naturally that your fingers started teasing me, my whole body still buzzing with intensity as I had shared what you felt just a moment ago. I almost fell back instantly as you touched my chest, my body surrendering to you as you did to me. You moved to better caress me, kiss my lips and my chest. I wished to look but only managed that for a few moments until you started teasing close to my member. Your nimble fingers avoiding it to give me more desire.

Moving a bit more boldly, you moved over my member and balls softly. Hardly even a touch made me shiver in bliss. Your kisses moved further down while my member rose up to your touches. You avoided it still, knowing I deeply wanted it kissed, and kissed my upper legs instead. Closer and closer your lips touched me until you flicked your tongue over the base of my member.

I continued to close my eyes, the pleasure so sweet and welcome. Your lips moved all over my balls while your hands caressed the length of my member. Your lips moved up, kissing the base once more and even higher. Slowly towards the tip of my sex until you reached that.

That first single kiss on it's tip made me shock for a moment before I could relax again. Another kiss, almost wrapping your lips around it a little bit. And another, this time taking my into your mouth and letting me feel it's warmth. Your tongue caressing my member while you took me deeper until you had to move back again.

Your one hand moved along my length while you took me in your mouth again and again, the other caressing my balls and below. Giving me so much pleasure I could hardly even moan. I just lied there with my eyes closed, enjoying your every move.

Your head took me again and again, feeling myself rise with your touches until I could barely take no more.

But you stopped, asking me to come between your breasts. Though I felt weak with surrender I wanted it as much as you did and tried to do so. Sitting on your stomach with my member sliding between your breasts, it's tip licked by your lips as I pressed through. It felt so good it was getting harder to move, but by moving slower it felt less good. It was a torture feeling so close and so far at the same time. But one I gladly endured.

I did ask to lie on my back again, hardly even needing to explain. You could feel most of it already and smiled warmly. You took me in your mouth again, your fingers moving all around my shaft, balls and bottom. I panted and moaned as you quickly took me up and gave me so much pleasure.

It continued for another few moments, your movements keeping me on that edge without ever pushing me over. It felt so good.

You stopped and gently lied on top of my, smiling while I continued to breathe deeply in my buzz of desire. I held you dear and kissed you deeply, my arms wrapped around you.

After I regained a bit of my composure I said it might be wise to take a shower. You agreed and stood up slowly. I rose as well, slightly wobbly still and walked towards the bathroom. You took a moment to get the towels which gave me time to actually see the shower. It was a bit small.

Though there was a bit bath right beside it, the shower itself was a mere closet it seemed. I had to giggle as you came back with the towels. You smiled and said it might be a problem, but I said we'd be alright. We were.

Though not the most spacious place it was very doable. You surprised me when you started moving all over my body, taking tender care of it while you soaped it in. Funnily enough it even took me a while to notice you had soap in your hands. Your touches were a soft and sweet compliment to the warm water flowing freely over my body. The soap slipped out of your hands on the floor, causing a worried look on your face as if you were unsure of how to pick it up with this little space.

I sagged through my knees slowly and deep enough to pick up the soap, my lips very close to your sex and unable to withstand the desire to give it a simple kiss. I took the soap in the palm of my hand and started soaping your feet and lower legs. I moved up and up along your legs, tenderly caring for your body. I slowly rose up again continuing my soapy quest around your body. All of your skin well soaped shone in the soft light in the shower. After especially good care of your breasts, feeling your breath slow, I wrapped my arms around you for a slippery, soapy hug. I held you there in the shower as if you were the most precious thing in the world.

You were.

I gave back the soap for you to finish me. We rinsed ourselves properly afterward and held each other a bit more in the warm water, our lips meeting a few times with the tender embrace of our tongues. We shut off the shower and dried each other with the towels. I asked if you would stay with me while I got dressed. You knew I had to leave early-ish and nodded.

We went back to the bedroom, to my lovely little pile of clothes. We hugged some more before I slowly dressed myself, feeling your loving eyes on me. I finished with all but my shoes and we went down for a cup of tea before I left.

Talking as we did, about our night, what we felt, how much and how good it felt, we made tea. I asked you to brush my hair. It was a strange request but it felt nice to have you still close to me and in all honesty I did not want to leave. But I would have to.

I Sat on a stool while you brushed my hair, standing behind me. When done you put the brush away and pressed yourself against my back. Holding me tenderly. It all felt so natural, so simple and warm.

Our hands did not take long before they started wandering. Your hands teasingly caressing me over my pants, my hands slowly moving underneath your bathrobe. My body easily responded to your touches, and I undid my zipper to give you better access. My fingers teased your outer lips and felt the wetness there, despite us just having showered. Before long my member was poking out, your fingers wrapped around it and my fingers slowly sliding inside of you, causing you to be on the verge of falling over.

I turned around and whispered to you I wanted to take you one last time.

We walked to the living room, holding hands. You set me down on the sofa with all my clothes still on, just my member poking out. You, still in your bathrobe, climbed on top of me and lowered yourself onto me. I slid in softly and you started to move. Feeling me sliding inside of you again filled your body with so much heat again you almost glowed. I held your hips and shushed you. You smiled and moved much slower. Feeling me deep inside of you so intensely.

I looked into your eyes and saw you felt the same as me. The connection. The intensity. Both of us one in a way we both almost cannot even comprehend. You kept on moving slowly, me rising sometimes to your hips thrust and feeling how I pierce you deeply with my member.

Asking you to hold me, I rose up and lifted you easily off the sofa, holding you up with me still inside of you I walked to the other sofa. I gently put you down and thrusted again into you while you were relaxed on your back. You held me as dear as ever as my thrusts were slow and deep. I kissed your lips as well as your breasts. Smiling a loving smile with my eyes looking at you with a warm honesty.

One final thrust into you, knowing we had to stop, I slowly slid out and held you close. We both rose up slowly. Still holding each other as much as we could. You walked me towards the door, giving me time to get my shoes and we just stood there, embraced as one.

It was time to leave, I stepped half out the door and kissed you again.

I told you that if you ever miss me that you should just think of all this; remember, treasure and let it make you smile.