Sep 2007

A Golden Moment 2believe always

Up the stairs towards the bedroom. You said it was a bit of a mess and asked me to stay outside for a moment. I patiently did and waited until you allowed me in. Again you mostly turned off all the lights but a simple string of lights that only barely gave off enough to see by. I wondered if you felt you were not to be seen. As if you were afraid that if I saw you, I'd go away.

But my eyes are good in low light and I thought you looked beautiful. My lips softly speaking those words, almost feeling your blush as I did so.

I was still fully clothed, ironically, and wanted that to change. You undid my shirt and removed it gently. Kissing my chest tenderly. I removed my pants and stepped out of them, being as naked as you were after only a few moments. I reached out to you and hugged you intensely. Feeling our skin against one another. Our warmth shared.

I lifted you up again and placed you on the bed, laughing softly with your surprise again. I lied down next to you and held you again, softly caressing you and feeling your hands against my back. I caressed you, kissed you and held you. Moving my fingers all over your body, your side your breasts, slowly moving again towards your legs. Teasing you by not touching yet where you were still so warm.

My fingers explored your body again, feeling your skin and loving every curve. Even your entrance got attention. Being quite wet again I slid easily between your folds of flesh and inside. Your warmth there was incredible and welcoming.

I gently pushed you on your back, kissing your neck, chest and breasts. My lips moving over your nipples as well, sucking on them, biting them just a tiny bit to hard and then gently licking them. I moved further and further down. Each kiss like a step towards your center.

Then I reached it, savoring your smell and taste again. So soft and pure. My tongue flicked over your lips, causing you to shiver. My fingers opened your folds of flesh to allow me to lick deeper. Warmer, more intense. I felt your body twitching pleasurably with my every move.

My tongue moved deeper, towards your entrance and slightly beyond. Moving up again over your clitoris smoothly your body only seemed to urge me onwards. I moved one hand between your legs and softly pressed a finger against your entrance while my lips and tongue firmly remained with your clitoris. Licking over it while my finger gently pressed inside. Sliding in, curved to press against your upper wall.

I arched my finger, released and arched again. The same rhythm as my tongue I carried you higher on those clouds of pleasure roaming through your every vein. Each of your heartbeats seemed to compliment my movements. A beat, a request, an urge. And I complied.

My tongue kept moving until you almost pulled me up. You wanted to feel me inside of you. You kissed me intensely, our tongues elaborately intertwined, and then pushed me on my back. You kissed me again, then my chest, my stomach, my legs so close to my member it was a pleasurable torment. You kissed again, all around my sex, seeing it grow and starting to feel it to. You felt how each of your kisses was like a pebble thrown in a pond.

Each kiss spread out along my body like a wave, broken again at my center. It filled there with blood and you could feel the heat both within and outside. You kissed it, caressing with your fingers over it. Driving me crazy. I felt how it grew and how you could feel me. I felt you all around and inside of me. You surprised me when you gave a kiss on my tip, softly taking it into your mouth, surrounding it with your warmth and your playful tongue. It was so intense yet soft. A light so bright you couldn't see it, but it warmed my whole body.

You continued driving me crazy with desire. A torture so divine I did not want you to stop. It took me a lot of willpower to pull you towards me and whisper I wanted to take you.

With only a moment you lied back, wanting to be taken and I placed myself in front of your entrance. I waited, my breath slow for a moment. Savoring the moment, as if I wanted to remember everything. My heartbeat and yours, our breaths, our thoughts, our feelings.

I pressed in, sliding in a little before moving back again. Then again, deeper and back again. You felt yourself stretching around me, surprised by the intensity. After that moment of surprise your fingers swiftly moved to my buttocks and pressed their nails into me. Urging me deeper.

Deeper I went, feeling you take me in. I thrusted deeper and deeper. Not wishing to let you go I wrapped my arms around you as only my hips kept on moving. I kissed you, bit your neck and your ears. Kissed you again, my member every time moving deep in and out of you.

I released you to lean on my arms, feeling a god as I was making love to a goddess. Even in the soft light your body was gorgeous, beautiful. I plunged in deeper and deeper, until you were no longer sure if you felt me, yourself or both of us. We were completely connected, the pleasure rising way above anything either of us had known. I thrust again.

Your body met me in every thrust, moving upwards and kept asking for more. I wasn't sure how much more I could take. My body felt on the edge of orgasm with each and every move. But I wanted more as well. I thrusted deeper and faster, feeling you all around me. Your hands on my back and bottom, my member buried deep inside you at every breath.

The edge came and overflowed us. I felt myself release deep inside of you, not wishing to let go. My hips kept on thrusting, still asking for more. I could not even feel myself anymore as we were so complete both our bodies were as one. Wave after wave of pleasure flowed from you to me and back again, taking us both in a whirlpool of desire. It was glorious.

I collapsed on top of you, holding you, kissing you and still inside of you. I moved slowly, never wanting to stop but my body required it for a moment. I kept on kissing you in your neck, feeling my breath against your skin and your breath against mine.

After a moment we regained some composure. Both of us smiling happily. I asked for a moment in the bathroom to clean myself up. It only took a moment but I shivered when the cold water touched my member to clean it.

I returned to the bedroom, finding you lying on bed with a lovely smile. You seemed open and relaxed still. It felt like home walking in there. So natural, so complete.

We continued some gentle caresses while we spoke for some small moments, getting our heads to accept what just had happened. I couldn't resist complimenting on your beauty again and smiling. Your blush, almost hidden by the soft light, made me want to kiss you again and again. So I did.

I gently caressed your body with my hands and felt your fingers touch mine. I did touch your lips again, their sensitivity almost like electricity against my fingertips. But almost naturally I rolled on my back as your touches surpassed mine, making me desire more again and at the same time surrender to you.

You kissed me all over my body again, slower this time. As if properly exploring me, taking in every surface of my skin. You kissed around my lips, my face. My chest and my nipples. All over my stomach, teasingly biting me. You kissed my legs, again avoiding what I wanted kissed most, raising my desire. Your fingers both followed your kisses as well as their own exploration. Each of your touches a new sensation, every one a new pleasure.

Your fingers caressed my member first, a shiver running all through my body. It raised up to meet you, blood flowing freely through my body, concentrating slowly around your touches. Your lips were soon to follow. Kissing the base of my member and gently licking my balls. Even with your finger touching the area between my member and anus felt electric and sensitive.

Your lips wrapped around me so lovingly. Taking me in, caressing me whole. With one of your hands at the base of my member, softly stroking me as your lips wrapped around it at the top, the other caressed between my balls and my anus, even sometimes touching it softly, teasingly.

It only took a few moments of this for me to feel as if I was on the edge of orgasm. But I wasn't. The pleasure kept on rising, my eyes firmly shut despite my desire to see you take me in. I couldn't look, my whole body conquered and swallowed by the pleasure you gave me.

And you felt it.

It was a realization I did not expect. But I felt how you felt my every deepest pleasure. Every corner in my body responding to your touches and you felt it. Again we were so connected and it made me happy. Never did I feel this intense with someone who was both a stranger and yet completely familiar to me. Her lips around my member felt as natural as my lips on her sex earlier. It was so complete. A pleasure so honest and true.

My body couldn't hold on for long it seemed, each of your movements giving me more pleasure, bringing me higher. It was pure heaven. And then I came. The pleasure rose so much I feel I lost consciousness for a moment. But when I came back there was more. More pleasure, waves upon waves of sensations that rushed through my body. You felt them, you sensed them, experienced them with me.

It went on and on in the longest orgasm I think I've ever had. You never stopped moving and I didn't want you to stop until the final moment, when my body could take no more. I lied on my back, breathing until my mind finally clicked into action again. Replaying all the pleasure from moments before and smiling. I could not speak yet, but I did not need to. You felt all of it.

I kept on my back for all the mess I had made that you caused. I smiled and asked once again if I could clean up. After a kiss I got up and cleaned myself once more, this time taking a bit longer. My body still wobbly and buzzing with the previous pleasure. It seemed all just a dream, but I knew I was still awake.

I returned, laying down next to you. I just held you in my arms for the first moments. So happy to be there.

We caressed more, intertwined in each others arms, seemingly tireless. I caressed your sex lovingly, wishing for you to feel what I did before. I held one of your arms with my wrist and the other underneath my arm and head. You were caught by me and almost forced to only experience the pleasure, nothing more. You loved it. I took you gently with my fingers, sliding them inside and sliding over your clitoris. Your back arching, your legs moving until I held those with mine as well. Simply held in pleasure. Nothing to distract you.

I kept you like this, my fingers sliding all over your sex, rhythmically over your clitoris and sometimes teasingly inside. Your moans like music to my ears. My lips kissing your chest, breasts and your mouth over and over again while my fingers continued their pleasurable torment.

I wanted to take you once more and asked you if I could. You happily accepted and lied down on your stomach. Teasing you first again with my fingers your bottom rose up to take them deeper. You wanted me, I felt it, I saw it.

I moved with my member towards your entrance, pressing softly against it but hardly had to. You almost pressed hard enough back to slide me in. With you on your stomach I could slide in deeply, pressing myself against your back. My hips softly moving to allow a gentle motion inside of you.

Thrusting as deep as I could you felt me moving in over and over again. I moved my back up to thrust even deeper, feeling my member enter your sex as deep as this position allowed. I pulled your hips up, until you were on your hands and knees and kept thrusting into you. You moved back to meet my every thrust, willing me deeper. I held your hips to move both of us from and to each other. Plunging in deep as I felt you tensing around me with all that pleasure.

I slowly slipped out of you and turned you over, wishing to hold you and look into your eyes when I came again. Wanting us to be together intensely.

And it didn't take long, I thrusted into you again and again as my orgasm rose together with you. Soon it overflowed us, not wild but gently taking us along. You held your hands against my bottom, keeping me in with every thrust as our release came. I kept on moving until I could no more. The waves of pleasure ruling my body for a moment as I again collapsed onto you.

We both faded in our pleasure until we wanted to sleep. The last thing you said to me was that you were afraid you wouldn't be able to feel this way when it was light. I understood and said it was alright. No one could take away the night we already had.

So we slept...