Jul 2010

Checklist 4Bound

This short is, in a sense, part of an incomplete erotic checklist of desires.

Knowing how to tie knots from when I was young has always served me well. It is quite a bit of fun to give someone a lot of pleasure while they are tied up properly. But some things, often forgotten, can be made even more fun using ropes.

Or something similar.

Speaking of ropes, or the lack thereof. I tend to use strips of cotton, as they sit very tightly around someones skin without hurting them. Keeping them in place but not tearing their skin. So it is there we find ourselves, me and you, on my bed. To make things more exciting I started with the blindfold rather than end with it. You could hear me move, feel me tie your wrists to the bed and making sure you had no room to move with your upper body.

The interesting part was to tie down your legs.

It's very simple to just tie legs down, but that wasn't my intention. With the help of the base of a chair, your legs were forced open very much like they would be in the hospital. And bound so you could not possibly move. In fact, I'd made sure you could barely move at all. Only your head could move, and your chest, so you could breathe.

But that wasn't where it stopped, no, there was still a lot to do.

Two vibrators, a small one for your clitoris and a g-spot type for inside, were about to come in very handy. After a little bit of teasing with the clitoral toy, your body already so aroused because of the tying down, you were more than ready to feel the other toy slide inside of you. It wasn't big, but didn't need to be. All it needed to do, like the little toy teasing your button, was to make you feel good, but not too good.

This was a dance.

The blindfold, together with the good vibrations did their work already. You squirmed in your bonds, wanting to feel so much more. But I wasn't done yet. More bonds, wrapped around your hips, affixed both toys firmly in place. No matter how much you'd buck or try to squeeze your legs, or even try to push it out, neither vibrator could move.

Caught in bliss.

To make things -just- that bit better, I licked over both your nipples once, bit in your right one and gave a kiss on your left one. The shivers from those rocked your whole body but I knew you wouldn't orgasm. The constant buzzing of the vibrators wasn't enough, it would pull you towards the edge but be too soft, too constant to pull you over it.

And you couldn't move.

You didn't hear or feel me anymore, my body appeared to be gone, my presence evaporated. All you could do is feel yourself being caught between insecurity, fear and excitement. And I knew, watching, that it would heighten your arousal, increase the pleasure, pull you closer to that edge.




Fifteen passed.

Closer and closer to that point of release, only approaching, never overshooting. You were already so close right now, almost begging for release. But that wasn't enough, you had to want it so much. My fingers suddenly sliding over your chest, your breasts, pinching your nipples almost triggered you to go beyond that edge, but no. You were still yearning for release, needing it so much, so badly.

Carefully your bonds were removed enough for me to remove the vibrator, your whole body shaking but not orgasming, so close, dancing on the edge. But you wanted to be filled, so badly, something to push you over the edge. You wanted it so much.

You just whined. You wanted to beg, to scream, but you were so close, shaking almost.

But even my entrance did not pull you over the edge. Not while I moved painfully slow, sliding into your wetness, your heartbeat squeezing my penis over and over again. But not yet, you weren't allowed just yet. The orgasm lurking, ready to pounce.

Slow movements, keeping you on the edge.

A hard thrust, pulling you over so unexpectedly, your screams echoing around the room as you wildly try to flail your limbs. Your body ravaged, plundered, completely conquered by a mind-shattering orgasm. Postponed so long, released so suddenly.




Your body kept on shaking, orgasming, flowing full of energy only to exhume it in moans, screams, spasms and squeezes. It almost hurt me, your muscles so strong, so fervently milking me. It was enough to trigger me, filling you up even more than I already did, literally allowing you to milk me.

We both collapsed.



Completely fulfilled.