Jun 2010

Checklist 3Work

This short is, in a sense, part of an incomplete erotic checklist of desires.

It was a nice day at work. This doesn't mean that there was nothing to do, as those days only make time go slower. No it was a day with plenty to do, but not so much that there wasn't time for a break or two. And you came by unexpectedly, dressed in a lovely summer's dress, to bring some fresh lunch. Something simple, but more than enough to make me smile.

In fact, you brought something else as well.

There was a glimmer of naughtiness in your eyes, a wicket smile playing on your lips. You weren't here just to give me lunch, you wanted something more. But that wasn't easy. I was still at work, the area outside of the building too crowded for any secret places. So, with no other choice (and a great desire to give in to your arousal), we headed into the building itself.

The problem, most of all, was finding a place where we would be completely undisturbed for a few minutes and manage to get there without being seen. A supply cupboard was an obvious choice, but also a stupid one. Some people might still need supplies, after all. Meeting rooms and other places were no-nos as well, for the same reason. No this moment asked for a unique solution, so we found a hidden place near the emergency stairwell. If we didn't make too much noise, and stayed around a corner, we'd be able to hear anyone long before they'd see us.

With very little time, nor exposure, we managed to get up there, sneaking and giddily moving around in the emergency stairwell. There was a nice corner there, underneath stairs, out of sight unless someone was very close to us. You looked up at me expecting, knowing that you wanted me to make the first move. Usually I prefer to take things slow, to build up, but I could feel that you had build yourself up quite far already, so with a surprising lack of flair, my right hand rubbed over your crotch, while my lips pressed themselves against yours.

My fingers felt a subtle vibration.

You almost innocently smiled at me, an expression of "what, who, me? A vibrator inside of me? How did that get there?" but it served only to make your face express even more naughtiness. You lifted your dress a little to allow me to pull your panties down, removing the small vibrator inside of you. You shivered as my fingers touched your flesh, even if it was only to remove the pleasurable toy inside of you. But you knew it was going to be filled soon. There was an evil smile from me as I took the vibrator and held it for now.

"What do you want to be filled with then?" My tone implying playful innocence as well.

"This." Your fingers rubbing over my crotch.

"Go and see if it's ready?"

You needed no other permission to go down on your knees and open my pants. Even though I was already quite stiff from your teasing, the smell of your sex in the air and my hand, and the warm glow on your cheeks that was betraying your arousal, you wanted more. Your lips wrapped around my shaft easily, tasting it eagerly and willingly, letting it slide as deep as you could. You wanted me to be fully prepared, on the edge before I even entered where you wanted me deepest. Your greatest triumph if you could have me orgasm as I slid inside of you, knowing it'd mean you'd done your duty to perfection.

If I was going to allow it.

I stopped you and lifted you up, pushing you against the wall, your ass towards me, your dress pulled up and the panties lowered to slide the tip of my penis over your labia. You wanted me inside of yourself so bad that I could have slipped inside of you, literally. But I didn't, part of the game, part of the fun was to tease you, making you beg for it even more. But here you couldn't make much noise, we had to speak softly, moan even softer.

Then I slid inside, more sudden and deeper than you expected.

A moan escaped past our lips and I ordered you to stay quiet, even though a smile was playing on my own lips. You had done your duty very well, it took me a moment to be inside of you to avoid falling over the edge of pleasure. Taking a second of pure bliss deep inside of you. As soon as you wanted to push back, I pulled out of you completely, making you whine with surprise and desire for a fraction of a second before I plunged back in again. You were impaled on me, completely lost on the pleasure that my dick could provide.

And it felt so incredibly good.

Thrust after thrust filled the stairwell, small, subtle sounds that managed to echo off the walls somehow. Wet sounds, dirty sounds, an even sexier smell. We were both close, in fact, you knew that as soon as I tightened inside of you, filling you up, that you would orgasm hard. You already bit your lip, knowing that staying quiet would be somewhat difficult.

I came.

And so did you.

The orgasm took you by surprise, filling you up, literally, with so much pleasure and intensity. Your hand flew to your mouth, keeping yourself quiet. Your ass high up in the air, pushing back at me, there was nothing you desired at this very moment, all senses, all desires overflowing with this orgasm and me inside of you.

And lasting for a while.

You barely registered me pulling out of you and filling you up again with the small vibrator (turned off). It served, in some way, as a plug to the deed just done. I asked you to pull up your panties and clean me, as I still had a half-day of work to do. While you cleaned me, causing shivers of pleasure through both myself and you, I told you to leave the vibrator inside of you, turned off, until I got home, because after work was over, the day certainly wasn't.

With a happy smile, you complied.