Sep 2014

Girl InductedThe adventure of an innocent girl who found my files.

"Hello, I am Nimja." That is how it really began. The start of an innocent video, listened to by an innocent girl that would lead into a devious spiral of surrender. And I loved every second of it.

Once upon a time I thought hypnosis was... well, if not bullshit then at least not real. I mean, how could just words affect someone so much? Then again, I know I'm a sucker for good advertising. So anyway, back to what happened.

Just an innocent looking message from my best friend with a YouTube link and "watch this in private". She always gave me good stuff, so I had no problem closing my door and starting the video. I mean, the title was a bit odd, but she had (almost never) let me down so I was willing to give it a chance. I had nothing better to do right now anyway.

The first thing that surprised me was how calming the voice was. There was an accent there, something I couldn't quite place, but pleasant nonetheless. He explained something about hypnosis and showed how it worked.

The second thing that surprised me was that it felt natural and easy to follow along. Rather fun even. I had no problem imagining all that was being described. In no time at all I was tingling all over and feeling really, really relaxed.

The third thing I noticed was that it was over before I realised it did. I must have totally zoned out. But I felt good. I knew then that what I had experienced was real hypnosis, the knowledge sitting on my mind really comfortably. It hadn't hurt me or changed me as far as I could tell. I was so naive... So wonderfully naive.

Somehow, though, it made me want more.

There was a file called Obedient Surprise. I have no idea why I chose that one. I mean I'm not particularly obedient, I guess, but I did like to be told what to do and wondered if this was nice. And it was.

I listened to it twice as if it was the right thing to do. The first time I remember in pieces. Something about being obedient, following words and then suddenly it was over. I came out of it feeling sort of... nice. Like, a feeling I've never felt before. The second time was even more bizarre. I started the file, those same words and ... it ended and 10 minutes had passed. My body and mind felt really good and different. Something had changed but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. I felt...


Where did that come from?

Well I guessed it was in the title. But I'd never felt that way before... Or did I? I've had plenty of fantasies of being swept off my feet like any girl does. The whole knight in shining armour thing was cliche as hell, but it did have its attractions. But I wasn't particularly impressed with any of the guys at school. None of them gave me butterflies like this voice had just done. It was... Different. Different good.

I almost jumped and fell backwards off my chair as my phone burst into activity with another message: "Listened to it yet?"

Flustered and not wanting to admit to even having this feeling, I felt vulnerable: "Nah tonight.". It was so wrong to lie to my best friend but I really didn't want her finding out that I was abnormal. I wasn't supposed to like this, was I?

But I did want more, and the number of views on those files showed that I was certainly not the only one. It was only a matter of time until I felt normal again so I had to act quick. But which one? And why? Perhaps a smarter girl would have gone on google at this point and tried to figure out what hypnosis did and how it worked and all. But I just wanted more, there was just something alluring about all of this. It's not like I never did anything naughty, but I wasn't that adventurous either. This was all so new... But exciting!

It didn't take long for me to choose another file... Masturbation Release. Not really an obvious choice, I guess. I mean, like every girl I masturbated sometimes in bed or in the shower. But this was new. Planning to masturbate was definitely not like me, but I was feeling like following commands and... and... this excitement, this feeling so full of life had almost never happened to me before. I wanted to enjoy it to the fullest before it would pass.

So, curious, inexperienced and not sure what to expect besides the obvious, I locked my door and laid down in bed to listen. No one was at home and shouldn't be for a while. And if they were, I should get plenty of warning before they needed me.

It felt so natural. I remember some of it still very, very vividly. Almost burned into my head. Even now, when I am commanded to listen to it, my lips mouth along. All the words imprinted upon my mind.

"...Start by gently caressing your inner thighs. You know you're here to touch somewhere else, but we're not going to touch there just yet. For now just touch your inner thighs. Caress them gently and feel yourself becoming submissive to my voice. Because your hand is already doing what I'm telling it to do. And your mind is automatically following my words. Let your fingers brush back and forth over your inner thighs. You can feel the desire starting to build. You can slowly feel how you want to desire... How you want to lust... how you crave... And that craving will only grow for now. The further we go, the more you will crave."

"And as you just keep on touching your inner thigh. Just feeling yourself getting more and more aroused. You feel yourself listening, more and more, to my voice. And there is just such a sweet sound to my voice, the same feeling you're feeling between your legs, as if your body is vibrating with the tenor of my voice. As if you can feel yourself being touched by the mere tones in my words..."

I was drifting, floating, touching. Feeling so good, feeling so warm and aroused. My fingers followed his every instruction. My body and mind were completely his. And I loved it. Every word guided me deeper, every word pulled me further along an adventure that I would have never dared to embark upon on my own. I was edging, building higher, frustrated until finally...

That word, the command finally came. As did I.

My fingers working overtime. My body reacting in ways that seemed out of this world. Shivers, convulsions of pleasure. Gasps, moans that were quickly stifled by my pillow and aftershocks of almost painfully intense pleasure. It was an explosion, pure and simple. A release fuller and more fulfilling than anything ever before.

I must have lain there for minutes afterwards. Panting, recovering and just enjoying the glow my body had. An orgasmic intensity that I had never experienced before. Part of me wanted to shout it out into the world. To tell everyone what had just happened.

But that would simply be impossible. No one was allowed to know of my... weakness?

I couldn't just listen to more, of course. That would be very irresponsible. Very unlike me.

And yet that is exactly what I did. Before the evening I got a few more files in, slowly and willingly reprogramming my own mind in a completely new way. Some inspired me, others commanded me. Some held me while others spanked me.

That evening I lied to my best friend again. All I told her that "It was alright, it didn't really work."

There was no way I could admit to being so good at being obedient, being so good at following words and letting someone take complete control of me. How could I? How would anyone in my environment accept that I was just an obedient girl, wanting someone to control her? But not everyone. There was no desire to obey everyone just like that.

I listened to almost everything. Every file burning pathways in my mind that felt like they would never get away. It took me days to listen to all of it, weeks after repeating a few. Sneaking private moments whenever I could but never wanting them to be interrupted. I had no idea what was happening to me, what I was becoming. I only knew that I was feeling amazing. I was feeling like this was the right thing to do. I never wanted it to stop.

Things become more complicated and wonderful when I found out there was a whole community for this and a site with many, many wonderful stories about mind-control. And in all of that the deep core of me that knew the truth just kept on repeating it day and night, waking or sleeping.

The more I read, the more I knew for certain that I had to find someone to serve. I had to find someone to obey. It is then that I did the unthinkable. I found that site again where I downloaded all those files months ago and pressed the contact button. Of course I didn't expect anything. I just wrote down my thoughts and pressed send without thinking. Almost as if it had been commanded of me even though I knew it hadn't. I just wish it had.

What I certainly never expected was to find a reply.

It was then that I really started losing all control. My clothes, food, pleasure, thoughts all controlled by that voice.

I found my purpose.

I must obey.